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5 Eco Friendly Office Solutions for your workspace

Eco solutions are becoming popular among companies. Both customers and employees today prefer to work with businesses that do their part in saving the earth.

The climatic conditions on earth are worsening day by day. The reason behind this is the destruction of natural resources and the use of harmful materials.

With growing awareness, many companies today are trying to use sustainable solutions in all aspects of office design. From running the office on solar energy to simply replacing plastic kitchenware with wooden and ceramic products, different companies are trying various methods to protect the environment.

Why you should try eco office solutions?

Ecological office solutions are becoming popular among companies. Both customers and employees today prefer to work with businesses that do their part in saving the earth.

Some ecological solutions that can be taken up by small and big business enterprises are buying second-hand furniture, using electronic devices that need less power, minimizing the use of paper from documentation and eliminating the use of plastic whenever possible.


5 eco office appliances and equipment


1- Eco-friendly printers

There are eco-friendly printers available in the market. These printers do not use ink or toner which leaves toxic waste behind during disposal of the cartridge.

Conventional printers are with chemicals, moreover, using them takes too much power.

Eco-friendly printers also minimize the use of ink. For example, the Canon Pixma PIXMA MX320 is quite power-efficient.

Printer cartridges create a lot of waste when they are disposed of. By using remanufactured printers with recycled cartridges you can save the environment from additional waste.

You can use a printer with a natural-vegetable cartridge. Moreover, recycled cartridge toners are cheaper than new cartridges. Making it a highly attractive eco solution!


2- Recycled printing paper

Using recycled paper instead of new paper to make reports and carry out other tasks. Many recycled papers are even made with 100% reclaimed paper.

Moreover, you will also be able to save some money on printing supplies. Canon Bright Recycled Paper can be used for printing.

Similarly, by buying envelopes made from recycled paper you can minimize the use of new paper products.

If your company frequently sends a lot of mails, then it could result in lowered costs. You can use Basildon Bond Recycled Envelopes.

You can also use recycled paper markers for highlights on documents. These paper markers use water-based ink instead of a chemical solvent.

You can also use products like an eco-friendly staple gun, natural fiber magic tapes, and other eco-friendly stationery products.

If you are using a new sheet of paper, then you can at least use both sides of the paper to print so that less paper is used.

This way you can cut the use of paper to half if not eliminate using new paper altogether. A printer with an auto-duplexer can even turn pages for printing on both sides.

The thicker the same of the font, the more amount of ink will be used. By changing the font to a plain style, you can save ink in the printing of paper.

Using a lightweight eco-friendly font can also help save money.


3- A digital transition 

Digitalizing the work environment can help minimize the use of paper. Information for meetings, project and performance reports, work ideas, etc. can all be communicated between people with the help of emails.

This will not only save the environment but also ensure the security of essential documents.


4- Eco-friendly partitions

If your office is designed in a cubicle design or with a lot of personal cabins, then you will need partitions to divide them.

However, chances are that you're not using eco-friendly partitions for the purpose due to unawareness.

Eco-friendly partitions are commonly produced by furniture manufacturers and sold by suppliers.

These partitions are slowly gaining popularity and have become the choice product for many companies.


Buying eco office solutions is a big step towards saving the environment and is a hassle-free task. These are mostly made with recyclable glass and metal.

These eco-friendly glasses are more durable than most partitions made with cheap material. Moreover, they are sturdy and easy to maintain.

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Many offices prefer to get glass partitions as they let light pass and tend to enhance efficiency. They are available in various textures and even with laminations.

Laminated partitions can be used to enhance privacy in some cabins. Glass partitions are also used as sliding doors in many offices. They give a classy appearance to the environment.

5 - Eco-friendly furniture

Furniture made with wood chipboard can be used in the office. Wood chipboard is available in many colors in the market. Moreover, thick chipboard is durable and will save you from frequently getting new furniture.


When you start taking measures to make all operations of the company environment-friendly by using ecological solutions, you will finally succeed in giving back to nature in some way.

Get down to it 

Bringing eco office solutions into your workplace starts with a new mindset focused on reducing waste, reusing resources, and recycling what you can. 

However, getting quality office furniture that is ethically sourced can be a way to give your items and longer life and reduce your footprint.

At Gebesa, we have multiple options that can make your office look good and feel even better! Contact us