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      Oct 3 , 2019
    8 Modern Office Features

    Color, lighting, open spaces, and decoration, among others, are some of the characteristics of modern offices.

      modern office
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    What is a lateral file cabinet?
    by Gebesa | 3 February 2023 |   Office Furniture   filing   lateral file cabinet


    A file cabinet is a piece of office furniture that contains drawers to store papers, documents, and files.

    Your office will look better organized with the use of a good storage system. 

    The filing cabinet will make documents easily accessible and thus save time and energy. 

    It allows for better space management, plus it helps to keep all documents in one place and makes them easier to find.

    At Gebesa, we are leaders in the manufacturing of file cabinets thanks to our distinctive features: 


    • They are made with the highest technology, quality, and durability. 

    • The powder coating of all our file cabinets makes them very resistant to the passage of time, scratches, bumps, or accidents.

    • Load capacity of 45 kg per drawer.

    • They have an anti-tilt system that avoids opening two or more drawers simultaneously. 

    • Interchangeable core lock, meaning locks can be changed in seconds without the need to replace them. 

    • Their functional design allows them to adapt to your organization's storage and security needs. 




    File cabinets come in different sizes and models, therefore you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The 2-drawer metal lateral file with cushion top is perfect to be placed next to your desk as it can extend your workspace significantly. 


    A cushion on top functions as a seat, and matching the color of the seat to the walls is an option. In addition, it has a lock to keep files secure. This file cabinet has caps that minimize the damage caused to the office floor. 


    The global 3-drawer lateral file cabinet keeps documents safe and organized. Full extension slides allow drawers to slide out easily for full access to all documents stored in the file cabinet. 


    If you are looking for more storage space to organize your files, the URBAN horizontal 4-drawer metal lateral file with a laminate top is ideal. The size of the file cabinet makes it perfect for storing a large amount of documents or other items, and the top has a laminated cover to place other office items.


    Multiple units can be purchased and placed together in the same room. This gives you easy access to everything you need to run your organization.

    Contact Gebesa to learn more.

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    The importance of having a Lounge area in your company
    by Gebesa | 6 December 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   Lounge spaces in offices   office decoration   lounge area

    How we work has changed in recent years; consequently, the design of offices has been revolutionized. The workplace now seeks to ensure a balance between private life and work.



    Nowadays, many companies are looking for resting places in their offices, as they have realized that clearing the minds of their employees in an atmosphere of relaxation generates the best ideas, making work performance more effective.


    This is why lounge areas have emerged in offices, providing employees with a break from the daily routine to free their minds, foster team spirit, and manage stress.


    Often, having a different perspective or being in a less formal environment can help the creative process and encourage an exchange of ideas.


    If anything has become clear in recent times, it is that communication and personal relationships in the workplace are key to the well-being of workers and the optimal functioning of companies. 


    What is the right furniture for your company's lounge area? 


    The furniture for the lounge area should also be carefully thought out and chosen. It is best to use colorful and fun furniture to make the environment comfortable and informal. Some elements that can help you equip this space are:


    Break Room Square Table 


    This modern piece can make the space look attractive thanks to its simple, easy-to-configure elements. The break room square table is a must-have piece in your lounge area as the space should have a good number of chairs and tables to relax and eat or drink something. 




    Match Sofa


    The Match sofa is a multifunctional piece of furniture. When you combine several of these sofas it creates a perfect space for activities involving groups such as brainstorming sessions. When separated, it gives collaborators the opportunity to rest and stretch out in a comfortable seat. 




    Moss Multitask Table 


    This table is the ideal modern piece for any lounge area because they are designed to perform more than one task, it is easy to adapt to different spaces and rearrange when you want to perform different activities, from moving it closer to a sofa and solving pending issues in a more relaxed environment or enjoy some snacks to recharge energy. 


    Mesa Moss Multitask


    If you think your office is missing a lounge area, Gebesa can offer you the best possible solution for your company and its employees. 

    Keep exploring all the options Gebesa has for you!

    Contact us!

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    Office decoration: what you should know about?
    by Gebesa | 29 November 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   office decoration

    Decorating an office is a very important task since it is where people spend many hours working,  so having an organized and beautiful space is key.

    In addition, it has been proven that decoration has a direct influence on moods. With good decoration and organization, you can increase productivity and reduce stress.




    Here are some factors to take into account when decorating your office.


    • Brightness 


    Offices should be bright spaces, always aiming for natural light. Working with natural light reduces visual fatigue, increases productivity, and economically, saves energy.




    It is essential to enhance and optimize the natural light you have: 


    • Try to have workstations near large windows that allow natural light to enter.
    • Paint the walls in light tones so that the light bounces off them.
    • Crystal walls allow the entrance of light and bring modernity to the space. 

    • Practicality 


    Keeping it simple and practical is essential for a work environment, this way you will avoid overloading the environment and creating unnecessary distractions. 


    It is better that the office furniture we use is simple and functional, and do not forget to compliment the space with accessories such as a waste basket, paper tray and bookshelf  (link), or other storage space

    • Comfort


    Office furniture can be decorative, but the most important thing is that it is functional and comfortable.


    We spend many hours in the office, most of them sitting, therefore the chair must be comfortable and provide support to maintain a good posture. 




    The desk should be spacious for comforts, like the pedestal-supported desk that also provides storage, helping to maintain organization and order. 

    • Inspiration 


    In the office, we should also think about motivating employees and making the environment more pleasant for everyone in the office. 


    • If there is a quote that you find inspiring, place it somewhere prominent. 


    • Following the line of the previous one: A presentation board, so that the workers themselves can leave a nice message.


    • Adding some small plants in your office can be an excellent way to create a comfortable, natural, and pleasant environment. 




    With these tips, you now know the important factors for your office to be the space where you want to perform your work tasks in a comfortable and encouraging way. 

    Keep exploring all the options Gebesa has for you!

    Contact us!

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    The corner table you need in your office
    by Gebesa | 23 November 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   corner table

    A corner table can make the difference between a standard interior design and an enhanced one. Choosing the right model, placing it in the right position, and ensuring it meets the environment's needs.  

    In this article, we want to help you get inspired about the uses of a corner table in your office: 


    • Waiting room/Reception.

    Use the filo end table or the Spazio corner table as a shelf for books, magazines, or company brochures/information to keep your clients entertained while waiting to be assisted. 




    • Visual support

    Bring that special touch to your space with the 1/4 round corner table , adding personality with elements such as your favorite flowers, a photograph, sculpture, or ornament to decorate the room. 




    • Conclude the space

    When a room looks a little empty, it may be because the corners are unoccupied. As a solution, you can opt for a triangular corner table. This type of table conveys an atmosphere of modernity, cleanliness, and dynamism to the workspace. 



    • As a complement to the desk

    Turn the venti corner table into the perfect auxiliary to gain space to leave documents, notebooks, or books. It can also serve as an extra seat if needed.




    The corner table is a must-have. In all sizes, shapes, and materials, it can even become the star of space, when placed in the perfect spot and accompanied by the right elements. 


    Keep exploring all the options Gebesa has for you!

    Contact us!

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    All about office cubicles
    by Gebesa | 18 November 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   open office   cubicles

    What is a cubicle? 

    A cubicle is a small, compact space, used in an office where there is limited office space. A cubicle provides an employee with a personal workspace to complete work tasks.




    How to equip a work cubicle?

    There are basic elements with which to equip a workstation. In reality, they are not so different from other office facilities, since the tasks to be performed in the space are very similar. 





    The main elements are the desk and the chair. It is important that they have the right height to work comfortably, and with the necessary space to develop the tasks in an optimal way. 

    Another essential element is the storage space, to keep documentation, paperwork, etc. at hand. The gebesa modular systems have integrated drawers, offering a good solution.




    In addition, office cubicles must have facilities for the equipment used in them, as well as: power outlets, voice, and data output, and wireless or wired connections. 


    Why are cubicles recommended for office configurations?

    Having office cubicles provides a trusting environment that encourages individual responsibilities. 

     While we tend to be quite social, we sometimes maintain a sense of privacy.  Cubicles with panels allow you to protect your personal space and reduce distractions in the work area.


    Cubicles have also become a popular alternative to quickly create a secure space without the need for major installations. 


    Office cubicles  are the perfect solution for a company that runs its operations in one large room, so they can use cubicles to define employee areas and tasks. 


     Contact us!

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    The best office room colors
    by Gebesa | 21 September 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   office design trends   office decoration   open office

    Colors affect the mood and concentration of workers.

    Therefore, when painting your office you should pay attention to this; choose those colors that best suit the dimensions of your workspace, the type of activity performed, and the corporate image of your brand and combine them harmoniously and in the right proportions to create a functional environment that invites concentration and is liked by workers and customers.


    These are 8 colors to take into account when decorating your office: 

    White: is the most popular color for any workspace. It never goes out of style and brings brightness. White is the safe bet when in doubt, and is one of the perfect colors for the office if it is a small space.



    Gray: This color is trendy, and brings elegance and modernity. It is perfect for an office with new technologies or for meeting rooms.


    Orange: This color projects strength, determination, energy, and enthusiasm.

    This color is especially suitable for collaborative environments.



    Red: The use of this color is complicated, but when used well it can project determination, prosperity, and power.

    To use this color correctly, you should administer it in small doses when decorating your office.

    Use this color only in areas of relaxation or collaborative environments where extra effusiveness is needed because it is a color that over-stimulates many people.



    Yellow: Related to ingenuity, creativity, science, and understanding. 

    In its most pastel shade, this color can be used without any problem. In its most saturated and bright tonality, it should be used in small proportions and certain spaces (like red), since it is associated with a warning.



    Green: Is a color that projects optimism, serenity, and harmony.

    Its use is recommended in office spaces, such as the meeting room, where tranquility needs to be promoted.



    Blue: The color of serenity, introspection, and concentration.

    The color blue fosters a calm and quiet environment in which workers can concentrate to the maximum and obtain the highest productivity.


    Purple: This color reflects luxury, wisdom, and experience.

    It conveys a sense of calm, tranquility, and peacefulness. This color should be used in luminous variants since, in the case of darker purple, it can transmit a feeling of sadness.



    Choosing the right colors when decorating an office is very important, as it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also the comfort and performance of workers.


    At Gebesa we can help you give the final touch with the right furniture for your office, do it now! 

     Contact us!

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    Amazing open space office furniture ideas
    by Gebesa | 25 August 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   open office

    During the last few years, companies have opted for open office design to establish group workstations, and promote work relationships and internal transit.


    An open office is a type of office that is characterized by having no walls. Everyone works at shared desks in the same space, large and without separations. This construction favors collaboration between employers and creates a space that stimulates creativity.





    Office furniture is one of the essential components of a workspace. Gebesa has the best furniture options for the dynamics of collaboration that can become essential in open offices, such as the ascend 3-stages “L shape.




    The desk-urban is useful for any teamwork. From interdepartmental meetings, employee engagement, and brainstorming activities. 





    The importance of space and furniture layout has a great impact on the employee’s performance. The ascend desk, aims to equip open spaces to make them more dynamic and favor collaboration between users. 




    There are possible inconveniences to having an open office, such as reduced privacy or concentration problems. Modular furniture allows the creation of functional spaces with a simple, acoustic solution, thanks to its panels, allowing various configurations such as extending the space for a larger number of users or, on the contrary, a quieter and more private area, without permanent changes in the space


    If you have an open office, plan the space well and do it with the best furniture. 


    At Gebesa, we have a team of experts in office furniture and design. They can help you find the ideal furniture for the open office of your dreams.

     Contact us 



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    Reception furniture: the key to make a good impression
    by Gebesa | 5 August 2022 |   Workplace Design   reception furniture

    The design of the reception area reflects each company's identity and is undoubtedly one of the most important places within a company as it is where the first impression is made and in some way is the first contact with the rest of the organization. 




    It is vital that the reception area is furnished in the right way, with office furniture that is aesthetic and functional and reflects the corporate values in such a way that it is clear to others.


    There are several elements in the reception area to consider when thinking about its design, but there is one element that stands out: the counter.



    Avant-garde, stylish, and balanced reception thanks to the perfect combination of natural wood veneer, metal, and glass finishes of the Filo reception desk which allows you to work in a comfortable and functional space. 


    The Spazio reception is perfect for companies with more discreet and traditional values, as the dark finish of this desk creates an elegant appearance. A perfect way to add that traditional touch to your décor. 


    By contrast, the minimalist design of the double curved reception combines wood veneer with laminate finishes and circular details on the walls to give an avant-garde touch to the decoration.

    Reception furniture will depend directly on the type of company and its identity. With this in mind, remodeling or choosing the furniture for your reception will be much easier.


    These are 3 important points to consider for the perfect reception for your business or company:

    • Visual function 

    The visual function is the first image the client sees of the company when crossing the entrance door, therefore it is recommended both the furniture and the distribution of space and colors used in the decoration are identifiable to the company, thereby capturing the customer's attention and generating a memorable impression. 


    • Customer comfort 

    The customer should be comfortable in the waiting area, regarding both comfort and customer service, we aim to create an environment that makes them feel welcome as well as generate a positive reaction. 


    • Work environment

    Following the previous point, it is necessary that the receptionist is totally comfortable facing the clientele, and in a trusting work environment, hence the client will receive a better service




    Furnishing your reception can be difficult, it all depends on making the right decisions about what you want. Don't hesitate to Contact us if you need help with your reception design.




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