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      Oct 3 , 2019
    8 Modern Office Features

    Color, lighting, open spaces, and decoration, among others, are some of the characteristics of modern offices.

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    The best office room colors
    by Gebesa | 21 September 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   office design trends   office decoration   open office

    Colors affect the mood and concentration of workers.

    Therefore, when painting your office you should pay attention to this; choose those colors that best suit the dimensions of your workspace, the type of activity performed, and the corporate image of your brand and combine them harmoniously and in the right proportions to create a functional environment that invites concentration and is liked by workers and customers.


    These are 8 colors to take into account when decorating your office: 

    White: is the most popular color for any workspace. It never goes out of style and brings brightness. White is the safe bet when in doubt, and is one of the perfect colors for the office if it is a small space.



    Gray: This color is trendy, and brings elegance and modernity. It is perfect for an office with new technologies or for meeting rooms.


    Orange: This color projects strength, determination, energy, and enthusiasm.

    This color is especially suitable for collaborative environments.



    Red: The use of this color is complicated, but when used well it can project determination, prosperity, and power.

    To use this color correctly, you should administer it in small doses when decorating your office.

    Use this color only in areas of relaxation or collaborative environments where extra effusiveness is needed because it is a color that over-stimulates many people.



    Yellow: Related to ingenuity, creativity, science, and understanding. 

    In its most pastel shade, this color can be used without any problem. In its most saturated and bright tonality, it should be used in small proportions and certain spaces (like red), since it is associated with a warning.



    Green: Is a color that projects optimism, serenity, and harmony.

    Its use is recommended in office spaces, such as the meeting room, where tranquility needs to be promoted.



    Blue: The color of serenity, introspection, and concentration.

    The color blue fosters a calm and quiet environment in which workers can concentrate to the maximum and obtain the highest productivity.


    Purple: This color reflects luxury, wisdom, and experience.

    It conveys a sense of calm, tranquility, and peacefulness. This color should be used in luminous variants since, in the case of darker purple, it can transmit a feeling of sadness.



    Choosing the right colors when decorating an office is very important, as it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also the comfort and performance of workers.


    At Gebesa we can help you give the final touch with the right furniture for your office, do it now! 

     Contact us!

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    Amazing open space office furniture ideas
    by Gebesa | 25 August 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   open office

    During the last few years, companies have opted for open office design to establish group workstations, and promote work relationships and internal transit.


    An open office is a type of office that is characterized by having no walls. Everyone works at shared desks in the same space, large and without separations. This construction favors collaboration between employers and creates a space that stimulates creativity.





    Office furniture is one of the essential components of a workspace. Gebesa has the best furniture options for the dynamics of collaboration that can become essential in open offices, such as the ascend 3-stages “L shape.




    The desk-urban is useful for any teamwork. From interdepartmental meetings, employee engagement, and brainstorming activities. 





    The importance of space and furniture layout has a great impact on the employee’s performance. The ascend desk, aims to equip open spaces to make them more dynamic and favor collaboration between users. 




    There are possible inconveniences to having an open office, such as reduced privacy or concentration problems. Modular furniture allows the creation of functional spaces with a simple, acoustic solution, thanks to its panels, allowing various configurations such as extending the space for a larger number of users or, on the contrary, a quieter and more private area, without permanent changes in the space


    If you have an open office, plan the space well and do it with the best furniture. 


    At Gebesa, we have a team of experts in office furniture and design. They can help you find the ideal furniture for the open office of your dreams.

     Contact us 



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    Reception furniture: the key to make a good impression
    by Gebesa | 5 August 2022 |   Workplace Design   reception furniture

    The design of the reception area reflects each company's identity and is undoubtedly one of the most important places within a company as it is where the first impression is made and in some way is the first contact with the rest of the organization. 




    It is vital that the reception area is furnished in the right way, with office furniture that is aesthetic and functional and reflects the corporate values in such a way that it is clear to others.


    There are several elements in the reception area to consider when thinking about its design, but there is one element that stands out: the counter.



    Avant-garde, stylish, and balanced reception thanks to the perfect combination of natural wood veneer, metal, and glass finishes of the Filo reception desk which allows you to work in a comfortable and functional space. 


    The Spazio reception is perfect for companies with more discreet and traditional values, as the dark finish of this desk creates an elegant appearance. A perfect way to add that traditional touch to your décor. 


    By contrast, the minimalist design of the double curved reception combines wood veneer with laminate finishes and circular details on the walls to give an avant-garde touch to the decoration.

    Reception furniture will depend directly on the type of company and its identity. With this in mind, remodeling or choosing the furniture for your reception will be much easier.


    These are 3 important points to consider for the perfect reception for your business or company:

    • Visual function 

    The visual function is the first image the client sees of the company when crossing the entrance door, therefore it is recommended both the furniture and the distribution of space and colors used in the decoration are identifiable to the company, thereby capturing the customer's attention and generating a memorable impression. 


    • Customer comfort 

    The customer should be comfortable in the waiting area, regarding both comfort and customer service, we aim to create an environment that makes them feel welcome as well as generate a positive reaction. 


    • Work environment

    Following the previous point, it is necessary that the receptionist is totally comfortable facing the clientele, and in a trusting work environment, hence the client will receive a better service




    Furnishing your reception can be difficult, it all depends on making the right decisions about what you want. Don't hesitate to Contact us if you need help with your reception design.



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    What is coworking?
    by Gebesa | 28 July 2022 |   Workplace Design   office design   small offices

    Coworking is a way of working that allows independent professionals to share the same workspace, both physical and virtual, to develop their professional projects independently, while promoting joint projects.


    Coworking is the perfect space to collaborate 

    The difference between having a coworking space and being in a company is that there are no specific departments but you are surrounded by professionals from different areas with skills, abilities, and contact networks, which will help the growth of opportunities and future collaborations. 


    Advantages of coworking 


    • Be part of a community.

    Sharing a working space will allow you to interact with other entrepreneurs who are exposed to the same challenges as you. This will make you feel more supported. 


    • Reduce costs for your business. 

    Having your workplace in a coworking space represents an economic advantage over doing it in traditional offices. You will be able to have the same benefits at a much lower price


    • Improve your productivity.

    Working within a community brings us new ideas, inspires us, and makes us more creative. All this contributes to greater personal well-being, which in turn, means higher performance.


    • You have a fully equipped office.

    When you rent your own office, you have to invest in its equipment and design. In coworking centers, you have additional materials or services, such as communication technologies, reception, or mailboxes, among others.


    • Effective networking

    Having professionals with different skills and specialties close by, within a positive collaborative environment, facilitates the creation of connections. You can share ideas and concerns with them. But also projects. Moreover, it is possible that with these alliances and making your work known, you can reach new clients, partners, or investors, and you can expand much faster.

    How to create a coworking space? 


    In the first place, you should know the project's target audience. What kind of professionals and entrepreneurs could use that space. And be aware of the labor, creative, and social needs of those who will use the space.


    Start workstations are an excellent choice for coworking spaces because they have a modern design, screens to provide privacy when needed, multifunctional pedestals to store documents and a large surface to work on. 


    Ascend line integrates height adjustability, electrification, data and more options to customize work stations according to space and work needs. 


    Think about spaces that allow users to connect or an area where to organize a presentation in case of need. It is also necessary to have an area that favors concentration and privacy at specific times.




    Establishing these different areas within the same workspace is possible with Gebesa's furniture, which covers this environment’s wide variety of needs.

    Contact us!



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    5 examples of small offices, so you can create your own
    by Gebesa | 11 July 2022 |   Workplace Design   office design   small offices

    Office space is becoming increasingly scarce, both at home and at work, so you have to learn how to make the most of the available space.


    The design of small offices involves the strategic organization of each piece, furniture, accessory, and necessary equipment within the space to make the most of every corner of the place and make it look more spacious and not overloaded after furnishing it.  

    In the article How to furnish a small office? you will find tips that will help to design your office.


    Here are five examples of small offices in which you can make the most of the space: 

    • Independent home office

    If you can set up a home office in a separate room, ask yourself if you are going to use the space for meetings and/or hosting clients, co-workers, just for yourself, etcetera. This way you can decide if the most suitable environment is something highly intimate and personalized or something more neutral.




    A workplace, like that small office, can distract you from family time, so it's best to create an atmosphere where you can distinguish between work and personal life.


    • Office in the living room 

    What happens when you don't have a separate room to use as a home office? You can set up an office in your living room. Sometimes, a few small changes take place to discover new functions of the space. 




    Nowadays we find a lot of furniture designed to take advantage of corners and passage areas and thus make the most of them, being especially useful in the design of small offices, such as the ascend desk  which allows you to create modern and functional office environments, being easily adaptable to almost any place. 


    Sometimes, houses do not offer enough space to create an office in your living room. In this case, you can use a seemingly useless space: under the stairs. 




    Space-saving is the most important advantage in this case. What you need to do is to organize the space under the stairs. Its design depends primarily on your preferences and the dimensions of the available space.


    1. Small collaborative offices 

    When it comes to small offices, the limited space makes maximizing space even more important. Shared workstations and desks can help to achieve a compact but productive work environment.

    Shared tables and chairs, separating environments in a subtle way and without physical barriers are key aspects of this type of office space distribution. 




    Remember that the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable doing their work. A relaxed, fun, and differentiated environment can enhance the talents of each individual. 

    1. Small individual offices 

    Incorrect office layout can waste time, and space and affect productivity.  An uncluttered, clean, and minimalist place is associated with a sense of space.




    Space may seem a limiting factor when designing your office but with the help of our experts, you will be able to turn that space into the ideal small office.

    Contact us!



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    Essential elements of the ideal workspace
    by Gebesa | 5 July 2022 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design   office lighting   workspace   workspace elements

    The workspace is where most of your time is spent after home, so you should make sure it is a pleasant, functional place where you and your team feel comfortable.


    There are several factors to take into account when designing or remodeling your office, here are 6 basic elements for the ideal workspace


    1. Lighting

    Lighting can make a big difference in the productivity of your team. Try to use natural light. Remember that no extreme is good and either too little or too much light can cause eyestrain or headaches.


    2. Furniture

    Your furniture should facilitate the work and ergonomics should always be considered. Remember that this is the furniture you will be working with every day, so it should be comfortable, fit the space and have materials that are pleasing and comfortable to the eye.


    3. Noise control

    When working, concentration is significant. If you are exposed to disturbing noises in the workspace, your performance will decrease and your functions impaired.




    4. Decoration

    Create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere inside the room. The color range and style of the furniture will depend on the type of work to be done, together with the company’s branding. Distribute the furniture in an orderly manner. The decoration can increase your creativity and even your productivity. 


    5. Cleanliness

    A culture of order and cleanliness in the work area will help increase the productivity of your employees and promote a sense of responsibility for their work areas.


    6. Technological Tools

    The most used resource in the work area is the computer. Establish a good Internet connection and use the best professional tools. Hire a reliable and quality service. Incorporate good equipment and create multi-channels.

    Now that you know the main elements of the ideal workspace, it is time to create a strategy to achieve it. Ask the Gebesa team how you can put your plan into action.




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    L-shaped desk design: functional and modern models
    by Gebesa | 23 June 2022 |

    The right work desk can make a big difference in the productivity of employees. L-shaped office desks are one of the best choices because of their versatility and elegance.

    L-shaped desks are characterized by having a 90° right-angled extension, forming 2 work areas.


    The main area is where we will perform our daily work.  The complementary wing will serve as a support for all those tasks that we need. Thus, its location is strategically designed so that you can access any point of the table without moving too much. 

    This auxiliary area can be used, for example, to keep all the tools tidy and to be able to carry out your routine with greater comfort and efficiency. Likewise, it is also usually the area where telephones, folders, filing cabinets, and printers, among others, are placed.


    Normally it is recommended to use the computer in the widest part of the table. So that it is in front of us and we have a comfortable position to work.


    The 90° L desk from URBAN offers generous space, making it possible to serve the clientele by placing extra chairs. 

    When we have space problems in the office and it is not possible to place another desk, the L-shaped desk gives us the option to place another workspace for another collaborator and create work islands with different shapes, breaking the uniformity of the office. 

    G-Connect Option C features a file cabinet as an immediate archive for important documents that we use on an ongoing basis.


    Perfect for middle management executives, the Peninsula L group from CYBER will help you create collaborative offices and hold meetings with several people, where access to a meeting room is not available. It has an ergonomic design, easy assembly, and voice and data conduction hidden in its firm metallic structure.


    The Executive L-shaped set is ideal for private offices. Its design is perfect for senior and middle management positions, as it offers ample space to work, as well as a safe place to store important documents. 


    Continue to learn about Gebesa's wide variety of models that satisfy both functionality and taste at the same time. 

    Contact Gebesa to find the ideal  L- Shaped Desk to suit your office needs!




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    What to look for in your ideal office chair?
    by Gebesa | 13 June 2022 |

    The search for an ideal office chair can be complicated, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Everyone has certain needs and there are many considerations to factor into your decision.

    Overlooking an important feature of your new chair could affect your health. Poor back support, a forward-leaning neck, or lack of arm support are just a few examples of problems associated with the wrong furniture that will ultimately lead to problems. 


    1. Ergonomics

      A chair without adjustability is not ergonomic at all. Look for chairs that have multiple adjustment options to ensure constant comfort. Especially if multiple people will be using the office chair, you should make sure that all elements of the chair are adjustable. This includes the armrests, seat, and backrest.

    2. Suitable upholstery

      It is recommended that it be upholstered with materials designed to withstand continuous use.

    3. Adjustable height

      Your chair should be adjustable in height according to your height and more specifically to the length of your legs. It is estimated that for 90% of people, the correct height is 17 to 20 in above the floor, allowing for proper positioning of the chair and work screen.

    4. Lumbar support

      The best work chairs are those that support your spine from top to bottom and have a backrest that protects and maintains the natural inward curvature of the spine. 

    5. Armrests 

      They should allow us to maintain a comfortable posture, forming a 90º angle with our arms. This element aims to help you keep your forearm in a horizontal position so that you can rest your wrists on the desk without deviations or efforts that become injuries in the long run. 

    6. Wheels

      The wheels on the base allow for greater comfort when changing posture or moving around the workstation. It is recommended to look for 5-legged chairs with wheels, this will give you greater stability and mobility in your workspace.


    The LOFT executive chair has an ergonomic design made of resistant and soft tactile leather that provides optimal support and comfort. 


    The center-tilt mechanism of this chair allows for recline release and fixed position locking. It also features a height-adjustable function that allows it to adapt to the user's desired posture. 


    Its materials and aesthetic projects an image of elegance that will make your office a more sophisticated workspace. 


    Contact Gebesa to find the ideal office chair to suit your office needs!





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