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      Jan 10 , 2020
    What is Modular Furniture?

    Modular furniture is a set of furniture items, that can be tailored so that they fit your company. Is gaining popularity because of the many benefits it offers to its users. We list five benefits of modular office furniture.

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    5 Post-COVID 19 Office Design Adaptations
    by Gebesa | 22 October 2020 |   Office Furniture   Workplace Design

    Office design ideas were more predictable before 2020. COVID -19 has impacted us on a global level, including your office. The work environment has shifted from corporate offices and corporate meeting rooms to employee’s dining tables and video conferences. While working from home has been an effective solution. In-person contact is still a necessity in most businesses. The next challenge will be reopening your office to your personal and relevant third parties while educating your employees on new safety measures and design changes to comply with new health regulations and best practices.

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    6 Innovative Office Solutions To Enhance Collaboration
    by Gebesa | 21 October 2020 |   office design

    Every business manager wishes to foster clean and clear communication between their workers. This is the basis of promoting collaboration in a business environment.  Since almost anything can affect business communication, great care should be taken when designing an office. Through creative designs, proper selection of furniture, and the application of technology, one can promote efficient communication.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

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    How To Maximize Spaces With The Proper Office Storage Furniture?
    by Gebesa | 19 October 2020 |   Office Furniture   office equipment and furniture

    Wasting precious office space is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. But don’t worry, you will soon know how to optimize your office space to maximize the space using office storage furniture. Office storage furniture is an integral part of every office. Whether it is personal storage units or tables in the shared conference room, you will find them in all the offices. They are so important that they decide whether you will have enough free space or not. If you use the wrong office storage furniture, it can cost you a lot of open space, free movement, and comfort. If you buy the right furniture for your office, then you can efficiently maximize your office space. 

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    Ventilation And How It Impacts Office Safety
    by Gebesa | 16 October 2020 |   office design

    While your employees are inside your office, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Office safety is crucial for productive results and business development. Until the employees feel secure and comfortable in the workplace, they won't be able to concentrate and work at their best capacity.

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    Utilizing Technology In The Workplace Through Furniture
    by Gebesa | 15 October 2020 |

    Modern office furniture is the trend as well as a necessity after COVID-19. Technology in the workplace could be a huge help in fighting the pandemic. The question is how to bring technology in the workplace through furniture?

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    5 Office Design Ideas For The Post COVID-19 Workspace
    by Gebesa | 14 October 2020 |   modern office   office design

    In 2019 there were numerous office design trends gaining fame across the globe. But in 2020, everything changed as a reaction to the pandemic. Multiple countries announced a nationwide lockdown, which forced the employees to work from home. Though the world is gradually reopening, many workers are wary to come back to offices in fear of COVID-19.

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    How to create a home office while the economy is affected by COVID-19
    by Gebesa | 25 March 2020 |   office equipment and furniture

    If you are thinking about the home office as an alternative to the COVID-19, click here for tips on to how to implement it successfully.

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    Office security and privacy
    by Gebesa | 12 March 2020 |

    With the increasing rate of cybercrime, the threat to the security of a company has started to feel more real. From leaking of confidential information and having company data to fraud companies stealing money from companies, it is all possible unless you have the right security in place.


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