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      Jan 10 , 2020
    What is Modular Furniture?

    Modular furniture is a set of furniture items, that can be tailored so that they fit your company. Is gaining popularity because of the many benefits it offers to its users. We list five benefits of modular office furniture.

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    What is antimicrobial coating, and how can you integrate it into your office?
    by Gebesa | 12 May 2021 |   Antimicrobial coating   Post covid offices

    Antimicrobial coating can be an important aid in making your office space safer for your employees. 

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    The importance of the conference table
    by Gebesa | 26 April 2021 |   Office Furniture   Renovate furniture

    The conference table is a key element to consider if you want to make sure your meetings go smoothly and productivity is enhanced. 

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    Moveable office furniture is a key to optimization
    by Gebesa | 23 April 2021 |   Office Furniture   Renovate furniture   Space optimization

    Being able to move furniture around with ease is a great benefit when you want to find the layout that best fits your employees and optimize space.

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    What is biophilic office design, and why should you consider upgrading your office?
    by Gebesa | 19 April 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design   Biophilic office design

    Biophilic office design lets you bring elements from nature into the office and benefits employees’ productivity. Find out how with this article. 

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    Office layout ideas to consider when upgrading your office
    by Gebesa | 16 April 2021 |   Office Furniture   Renovate furniture

    Upgrading your office requires a second review of your current layout, create a smart space with these office layout ideas.

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    COVID - friendly configurations for office workstations
    by Gebesa | 12 April 2021 |   New normal   Covid friendly configurations

    Office workstations can be your greatest ally in creating a safe environment in this post-covid era. Find some of the best alternatives here.

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    Lessons from HR that can be applied to office design
    by Gebesa | 29 March 2021 |   office design   office design trends

    HR experts often find ways to make productivity excel and office design is not the exception. Learn how human resources knowledge can be applied to the work environment.

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    Benefits of activity-based office workspace design
    by Gebesa | 23 March 2021 |   office design   activity-based office

    The Activity-Based Workspace is not only the form of organization that many current-most efficient companies have adopted, but there has even been scientifically rigorous research that confirms its corporate benefits