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Corporate Image: How to Improve It? Tricks and Tips

In this edition, we will delve into the fascinating world of "Corporate Image". Corporate image is more than just a logo and colors; it is the perception the public has of your company. Discover how to improve it with our tricks and tips below.

What Is Corporate Image?

Corporate image is the set of perceptions, values, and emotions that people associate with a company. It goes beyond visual appearance and encompasses the culture, communication, and reputation of the organization. A strong corporate image builds trust and loyalty among customers, employees, and partners.

Characteristics of Corporate Image

1. Consistency: Consistency in all visual and verbal aspects reinforces the brand's identity.

2. Authenticity and Clarity: The image should reflect the authenticity of the real values held by the company. They should be communicated clearly and concisely.

3. Relevance: Adapt to the changing needs and expectations of the market and the audience.

4. Differentiation: Stand out from the competition, and strive to be unique and memorable to be remembered by consumers.

Objectives of Corporate Image

  • Establish a recognizable and distinctive identity.
  • Generate trust and credibility among consumers and partners.
  • Attract talent by projecting an appealing corporate culture.
  • Foster customer loyalty by establishing emotional connections.
  • Drive growth by attracting new customers and business opportunities.

Tricks and Tips to Improve Your Corporate Image

Improving the corporate image of your offices is essential for effectively conveying the identity and values of your company. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Clarity in Design and Consistent Design:


  • Ensure that your offices' design reflects your company's identity and values.
  • Use colors, fonts, and visual elements consistent with your corporate image throughout all spaces.

Functional and Comfortable Spaces:

incorporate-comfortable-and-functional-office spaces

Design your workspaces to be functional and comfortable for your employees; consider furniture layout, lighting, and ergonomics to create a productive environment.

Incorporate Brand Identity:


  • Place the logo and visual elements of your brand in strategic locations, such as the reception and meeting rooms.
  • Use design elements that are unique to your brand.
  • Add personalized touches that reflect the history and values of your company.

Use of Materials and Textures:


Choose materials and textures that align with your brand's aesthetics. High-quality materials can elevate the perception of your offices.

Collaboration Spaces:


Create open and welcoming collaboration spaces to encourage interaction among employees. This can strengthen the team culture and the sense of belonging.

Maintenance and Cleanliness:


Keep your spaces clean and well-maintained to convey a professional and orderly image.

Sustainability and Responsibility:

Incorporate sustainable practices in the design and operation of your offices. Nowadays, environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of your corporate image.

Listen to Your Employees:


Consider your team's opinions on the design and comfort of the spaces. Satisfied employees can positively contribute to your company's image. Also, listen to your customers' opinions to adapt and improve.

Invest in Professionals:


Having experts in design and communication can make a difference.

Remember that corporate image is not just about aesthetics but also about how employees and visitors feel in the environment. Work together with design professionals and consider your team's feedback to achieve significant improvement.

Remember, your corporate image is the window to who you are—let's make it memorable!

The Gebesa Team.