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The impact of office design on employee productivity

The impact of office design on employee productivity is just as important as many HR practices that offices always consider.

Over the years, there has been a significant evolution in the way modern offices are designed. A well-designed and suitable workspace design are always appreciated by the employees and potential employees of a company. Moreover, the impact of office design on employee productivity can be seen in a happier work environment.

4 office design trends and their impact on employee performance

Different office designs are suitable for different work environments and industries. The office has varying effects on the employees.

  1. Traditional Design:

    Traditional office designs have a separate office for every employee. This design is suitable for offices where the number of employees is less and they have separate work. This can provide and remove distractions from slowing down the work. Such office designs usually include a big common area to receive customers.
    traditional-design-impact-on employee-productivity
  2. Separated cubicles:

    Office designs with cubicles usually have a separate hall with cubicles for employees and a cabin for key executives. The furniture requirements for the employees' hall and the cabins vary from one another. There is a strong power hierarchy in the office. It is believed that the power hierarchy helps maintain discipline and order. Moreover, the cubicle system ensures privacy.

  3. Open space:

    In the open space design, cabins and private spaces are eliminated from the floor plan. This removes the barrier between the employees and key executives and opens up space for creativity through the exchange of ideas. Increased interaction leads to a lighter and more healthy environment, leading to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

  4. Team-cluster design:

    In a team-based design the employees are divided into teams, depending upon their work in the organization. When the employees are divided and seated accordingly they develop leadership and team skills. Interacting with similar-minded people can help shape ideas and thoughts into concrete plans for growth. Moreover, if there are fun competitions and incentives arranged, it can lead to increased productivity.

Design elements that impact employees' productivity and office environment

Some design elements that impact the employees' productivity and the office environment include:

  • There is an inclination towards workspaces that promote physical health and wellness of employees. Employees are aware of the ill effects of sitting for more than eight hours, almost every day in an office. This awareness has led to the popularity of ergonomic office furniture and fitness rooms. Workspaces that offer these are preferred by 87% of employees and lead to high morale.

  • Natural light in the workspace can reduce stress and increase the productivity of employees. It also improves the health of the employees and prevents illnesses. Artificial lights in a room can make the employees feel dull and do absolutely nothing to relieve the employees of stress. By creating an office space that receives natural light, you can make the workplace a better place for your people and save money.

  • Similarly, if you keep real plants in the working area, then it can refresh the workspace. Studies show that employees are 15% more productive when they are in contact with nature at their workplace.
  • Break out and lounge areas with a couch or a table to relax, can help employees switch off from all the work stress and just chill. This can increase productivity once they get back to work.
  • A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts claimed that adding color to the work environment, reduces stress and increases work morale. Adding color to the office through walls and furniture can help lighten up the office environment. Workplaces where creativity is essential, colors can help in content creation and productivity.

There are many ways in which office design can impact employee productivity. The rooms, the furniture required, and the decor. You have to find the right combination of things to increase the productivity and morale of your employees. 


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