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      Jan 10 , 2020
    What is Modular Furniture?

    Modular furniture is a set of furniture items, that can be tailored so that they fit your company. Is gaining popularity because of the many benefits it offers to its users. We list five benefits of modular office furniture.

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    Eight tips to prevent workplace fatigue
    by Gebesa | 9 February 2021 |   Productivity   Productivity at work   labor welfare

    High levels of exhaustion in the workplace can seriously deteriorate your company’s performance. Identify and prevent fatigue with these useful tips. 

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    Five tools to promote online workplace collaboration
    by Gebesa | 24 November 2020 |   workspaces   Productivity at work

    Adapting to a remote environment and maintaining productivity is crucial these days. Use these online tools to promote online workspace collaboration.

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    The Importance of Workforce Comfort
    by Gebesa | 25 February 2020 |   workspaces   Productivity at work

    Human resources are the company's biggest assets. If the employees of the company do not work, the operations and management will come to a halt. When the employees are dedicated and devoted to the company and its goals, the company will flourish. The employees of a company must be cared for by the management and feel satisfied in the company.

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    Office Furniture To Suit Your Needs
    by Gebesa | 23 January 2020 |   Office Furniture   Productivity at work

    Office furniture significantly impacts the productivity, environment and hierarchy in the office. Must be chosen carefully and with special attention to ergonomics.

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    Four Ways In Which Office Furniture Affects The Productivity Of Your Employees
    by Gebesa | 3 January 2020 |   Productivity   Office Furniture   Productivity at work

    Whether you have just started a business or are renovating your office interiors, you need office furniture that looks classy and offers excellent functionality. Office furniture doesn't merely reflect the vibes of your office, rather it impacts them. Which is why it is essential that you choose the right furniture for your employees.

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    How Does An Office Design Affect Employees?
    by Gebesa | 25 December 2019 |   Productivity   office design   Productivity at work

    Over the years, there has been a significant evolution in the way modern offices are designed. A well-designed and suitable workspace design are always appreciated by the employees and potential employees of a company. Moreover, it leads to increased productivity and a happier work environment. Different office designs are suitable for different work environments and industries. The office has varying effects on the employees.

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    Privacy in the office, why is it important?
    by Gebesa | 14 October 2019 |   Office Furniture   Productivity at work   Office Privacy

    Privacy in the office can become a necessity depending on the preferences and activities of the workers or the culture of the company.

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    Modern offices, 5 examples to inspire
    by Gebesa | 3 October 2019 |   Productivity at work

    Modern office design translates into innovative spaces that promote creativity and improve overall work well-being by reducing the loss of talent.