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How a Sit-Stand Desk Gives One-Size-Fits-All another Meaning

Adapting your furniture to the likes and needs of each of your employees is much easier with a sit-stand desk. 

Right off the bat, it is a well-known fact that sitting for a prolonged period can be harmful to one’s health. It can be compared to other health hazards such as smoking and staring at a screen for more than nine hours, which have led to a high number of people complaining about discomfort. 

The standing office desk, also known as a sit-stand desk is the solution for the modern-day worker. Individuals are rapidly catching on to the significance of this ergonomically perfect tool that is incomparable to other simple pieces of equipment in the office. 

These desks enable employees to every so often change their harmful sitting positions, hence boasting of their spine-related benefits, such as reduction of pressure to the spine.

Are you considering purchasing a height-adjustable desk that allows you to sit or stand at your workstation? Looking for the perfect furniture that can help each employee to work to their fullest potential can be such a daunting task. This is, especially, because of the plethora of information online that you have to skim through to find what is perfect. 

Look no further because we have conducted extensive research on this topic to make it easier for you to decide. Below are the critical things to consider in case you are looking to buy sit-stand desks.

How a Sit-Stand Desk Can Be the Ultimate Customizable Piece

The best height-adjustable desk adapts to the user and not vice versa. It does not matter what kind of job or characteristics the person has. Acquiring such furniture gives the sense that you care for your employees. A few questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • Does the desk need other special office equipment like privacy screens? 
  • Does it have to match your current office aesthetic? 

Getting a one-size-fits-all desk may not be the best choice in case you need a desk that fits perfectly into an already-established workstation. In this case, a programmable desk that has height preferences would be great for it to fit effortlessly as a corner sit-stand desk.


All You Need to Know About Height-Adjustable Desks

These tables are highly technological and can be controlled through apps, and integrated with a bunch of other items such as plastic screens and pedestals for storage. Some of the alternatives you may consider with sit-stand desks are:

  • Freestanding desks

These electric sit-stand desks are height adjustable to everyone’s preferred height. Since movement is an essential part of human beings, these desks allow for a seamless transition between sitting and standing. 

They are relatively affordable and quite easy to assemble. The freestanding desks also offer endless possibilities to meet everyone’s needs hence allowing you to create modern, open, and functional workstations.

Their height-adjustable benching integrates power, height adjustability, privacy, and several other features into a single platform. They are available in dual-sided configurations for maximum flexibility and space utilization.


  • L-Shaped Sit-Stand Desks

This can be placed in any office and can help optimize space by making use of corners. It is a perfect choice for small and individual offices or private spaces.

They come with 4 programmable settings that cater to the different needs of workers within the office. Their anti-collision system acts as a safety feature that can help avoid injuries around the workplace.


  • Multiple Users Options

This allows users to enjoy all the benefits of a sit-stand desk in a shared space without affecting their peers and helping them focus on their activities. With this, every worker can concentrate on what they are doing efficiently.


  • Different Height Alternatives

Based on the kind of activities your employees do, they can choose 2-height or 3-height adjustable sit-stand desks. These alternatives also help workers to be able to occasionally change sitting positions depending on their health needs.


The Benefits of Sit-stand Desks

In addition to all the dynamic benefits of these desks, there are a lot of other perks to be considered when integrating them into your office: 

1.  Helps Manage Back and Neck Pain

The desks help prevent injury and also reduce pain. This is because sitting upright for a long time can lead to severe pain in the neck, back, wrists, and shoulders. 

In 2011, a study named the' Take a Stand Project' established that workers who spent some time standing at work reported a 54% reduction in back and neck pain, compared to those who sat all day.

2.  Reduces the Risk of Weight Gain or Obesity

You get to burn more calories when you stand than when you sit for a long period. For every hour spent standing, about 50 calories are burnt. Suppose you were to stand for about 3 hours every day, that would translate to 150 calories a day and at least 3000 calories per month. This is great considering that most people do not find the time to work out.

3.  Boosts Energy Levels

Sitting all day without doing anything rigorous leads to reduced moods and energy levels. With time, your body gets used to being inactive which can lead to laziness. Sit-stand desks make it easier for you to every so often transition into different positions which in turn will lead to improved energy levels.

4. Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Workers who use these desks are less likely to get lazy. This is because the desks help improve their moods and health which in turn increases motivation to work. Every environment needs a change at times.

Bottom Line

Once you decide to go for the sit-stand desks, be ready for a transition period. If your employees are used to working while seated, they will experience some level of fatigue for some time before they get accustomed to the standing desks. 

To make the transition more bearable, you can encourage them to wear supportive shoes and to slowly build up the time spent standing. Using gel mats has also proven to be helpful in this transition. This adjustment period is not usually long but the benefits that come thereafter are quite phenomenal and worthwhile. Your workers and their spines will be grateful.