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Amazing open space office furniture ideas

During the last few years, companies have opted for open office design to establish group workstations and promote work relationships and internal transit.

An open office is a type of office that is characterized by having no walls. Everyone works at shared desks in the same space, large and without separations. This construction favors collaboration between employers and creates a space that stimulates creativity.


Office furniture is one of the essential components of a workspace. Gebesa has the best furniture options for the dynamics of collaboration that can become essential in open offices, such as the ascend 3-stages “L shape.


The desk-urban is useful for any teamwork. From interdepartmental meetings, employee engagement, and brainstorming activities. 


The importance of space and furniture layout has a great impact on the employee’s performance. The ascend desk, aims to equip open spaces to make them more dynamic and favor collaboration between users. 

There are possible inconveniences to having an open office, such as reduced privacy or concentration problems. Modular furniture allows the creation of functional spaces with a simple, acoustic solution, thanks to its panels, allowing various configurations such as extending the space for a larger number of users or, on the contrary, a quieter and more private area, without permanent changes in the space

If you have an open office, plan the space well and do it with the best furniture. 

At Gebesa, we have a team of experts in office furniture and design. They can help you find the ideal furniture for the open office of your dreams.

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