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5 Trends In Office Modern Design

Essential pieces of modern office furniture by Gebesa2021 feels like a new beginning, in many ways. The return to the office is a global event. The world has changed, but people never stop working. Zoom fatigue, anyone?

We can't wait to work again at the office. Say “hello” to our co-workers. Start new projects and give our best effort to every task. 

You’re sitting there, running your hands over the skin of your shiny new laptop or tablet. You look around and everything feels nice. Everything looks modern. You're back!

And for this new return to the office, we have these 5 trends in Modern Office Design:


The world is moving again and we should, too

We all know that sitting and standing are part of our working routine. The transition between them should be. We need a desk that allows us to move whenever we want. Up and down. The modern office space is a healthy space. No more Stoic workers. This is where the old routine ends. This is the time to make real changes. Gebesa is really proud to present this fine product: ASCEND 2 Stages can be controlled with the ASCEND app (available on The App Store).


To keep the vibe going, ASCEND 2-Stages should do the trick.


The modern design will help us

Society, in general, is becoming much more mindful of environmental and social needs. 2021 is a year of significant change in terms of design trends. Good modern design is built in a way that encourages connection. However, there will also likely need to be some drastic shifts in the way modern employers and collaborators think about the workplace. 

ASCEND by Gebesa can facilitate adherence to social distancing measures for keeping employees healthy and safe. We need peace and quiet to do focused work. The way companies have migrated from single private offices to open-plan layouts can be done in the right way.



Time to define the New Normal

It is time to act. The new normal needs to be something real. A place where we can reconnect. We all want to move into the future. We all want to work for a better world. Everyone has their plans. Each one will have their place in the workplace. The new normal will have modern design offices.

It is wonderful what ASCEND by Gebesa means in these times. The variety of desks offered on our official website is at the forefront of helping organizations to have exceptional workspaces.


Having a good time


Each desk is the scene of a moment of each day. Like when you ask a coworker for their opinion on a project (Option A - 2 users); every coworker gives his best, and teamwork is going well: almost lunchtime  (Option B- 4 users)



The office is now bigger. The project has ambition. Energy has been recharged (Option C - 6 users). Months go by and everything feels like before. The Modern Office Space is a reality (Option D - 8 users).


With ASCEND by Gebesa, you can unleash your potential.


Taking the next step

After spending a lot of time doing home office, we have to admit that we miss the actual office. 

REACH by Gebesa offers monitor arm options to complete the modern office. 

Every monitor arm is designed to make your device secure and flexible for a better viewing experience. 


Dual Monitor arm

To work individually choose the Single Monitor arm or expand your vision with the Dual Monitor arm. And you can improve the experience of working with a laptop: choose the Laptop tray option.


REACH by Gebesa is the next step to completing the modern office design.


A digital sticky note

Whatever product you choose from ASCEND and REACH by Gebesa, we know that we're living something new and exciting in 2021, and with ASCEND you will live and feel it too in a better way.

The modern office design will be a nice, and your office will be a comfortable space.