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      Oct 3 , 2019
    8 Modern Office Features

    Color, lighting, open spaces, and decoration, among others, are some of the characteristics of modern offices.

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    What is coworking?
    by Gebesa | 28 July 2022 |   Workplace Design   office design   small offices

    Coworking is a way of working that allows independent professionals to share the same workspace, both physical and virtual, to develop their professional projects independently, while promoting joint projects.


    Coworking is the perfect space to collaborate 

    The difference between having a coworking space and being in a company is that there are no specific departments but you are surrounded by professionals from different areas with skills, abilities, and contact networks, which will help the growth of opportunities and future collaborations. 


    Advantages of coworking 


    • Be part of a community.

    Sharing a working space will allow you to interact with other entrepreneurs who are exposed to the same challenges as you. This will make you feel more supported. 


    • Reduce costs for your business. 

    Having your workplace in a coworking space represents an economic advantage over doing it in traditional offices. You will be able to have the same benefits at a much lower price


    • Improve your productivity.

    Working within a community brings us new ideas, inspires us, and makes us more creative. All this contributes to greater personal well-being, which in turn, means higher performance.


    • You have a fully equipped office.

    When you rent your own office, you have to invest in its equipment and design. In coworking centers, you have additional materials or services, such as communication technologies, reception, or mailboxes, among others.


    • Effective networking

    Having professionals with different skills and specialties close by, within a positive collaborative environment, facilitates the creation of connections. You can share ideas and concerns with them. But also projects. Moreover, it is possible that with these alliances and making your work known, you can reach new clients, partners, or investors, and you can expand much faster.

    How to create a coworking space? 


    In the first place, you should know the project's target audience. What kind of professionals and entrepreneurs could use that space. And be aware of the labor, creative, and social needs of those who will use the space.


    Start workstations are an excellent choice for coworking spaces because they have a modern design, screens to provide privacy when needed, multifunctional pedestals to store documents and a large surface to work on. 


    Ascend line integrates height adjustability, electrification, data and more options to customize work stations according to space and work needs. 


    Think about spaces that allow users to connect or an area where to organize a presentation in case of need. It is also necessary to have an area that favors concentration and privacy at specific times.




    Establishing these different areas within the same workspace is possible with Gebesa's furniture, which covers this environment’s wide variety of needs.

    Contact us!



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    5 examples of small offices, so you can create your own
    by Gebesa | 11 July 2022 |   Workplace Design   office design   small offices

    Office space is becoming increasingly scarce, both at home and at work, so you have to learn how to make the most of the available space.


    The design of small offices involves the strategic organization of each piece, furniture, accessory, and necessary equipment within the space to make the most of every corner of the place and make it look more spacious and not overloaded after furnishing it.  

    In the article How to furnish a small office? you will find tips that will help to design your office.


    Here are five examples of small offices in which you can make the most of the space: 

    • Independent home office

    If you can set up a home office in a separate room, ask yourself if you are going to use the space for meetings and/or hosting clients, co-workers, just for yourself, etcetera. This way you can decide if the most suitable environment is something highly intimate and personalized or something more neutral.




    A workplace, like that small office, can distract you from family time, so it's best to create an atmosphere where you can distinguish between work and personal life.


    • Office in the living room 

    What happens when you don't have a separate room to use as a home office? You can set up an office in your living room. Sometimes, a few small changes take place to discover new functions of the space. 




    Nowadays we find a lot of furniture designed to take advantage of corners and passage areas and thus make the most of them, being especially useful in the design of small offices, such as the ascend desk  which allows you to create modern and functional office environments, being easily adaptable to almost any place. 


    Sometimes, houses do not offer enough space to create an office in your living room. In this case, you can use a seemingly useless space: under the stairs. 




    Space-saving is the most important advantage in this case. What you need to do is to organize the space under the stairs. Its design depends primarily on your preferences and the dimensions of the available space.


    1. Small collaborative offices 

    When it comes to small offices, the limited space makes maximizing space even more important. Shared workstations and desks can help to achieve a compact but productive work environment.

    Shared tables and chairs, separating environments in a subtle way and without physical barriers are key aspects of this type of office space distribution. 




    Remember that the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable doing their work. A relaxed, fun, and differentiated environment can enhance the talents of each individual. 

    1. Small individual offices 

    Incorrect office layout can waste time, and space and affect productivity.  An uncluttered, clean, and minimalist place is associated with a sense of space.




    Space may seem a limiting factor when designing your office but with the help of our experts, you will be able to turn that space into the ideal small office.

    Contact us!



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    Modular Desk System and Workstation
    by Gebesa | 20 December 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design

    Renew your workspace and give it new life with Gebesa!

    This new era brings new labor challenges, from the prevailing need to adapt to the environment, keeping with the rhythm of society, to the obstacles imposed by global health issues.

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    One Simple Step to Success with your Office Furniture Projects
    by Gebesa | 6 December 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design

    This year, we were encouraged to improvise about our working routines. And at one point, when the New Normality came around, we were starting to take some control over our daily life.

    Gebesa thinks that this is the right step to take and be successful with your Office Furniture Projects

    We are Talking about Design (and Getting the Right Balance)

    office furniture projects

    Gebesa provides a well-designed and appropriate Working Area. We can ensure that you will be able to manage your space efficiently. And communicate your company’s values, and overcome any challenges that can happen at your office space in the New Normality.

    A well-designed and appropriate Working Area can make your organization run faster and more efficiently. Working this way helps us to find solutions for new problems that can happen in the New Normality. Because returning to the office could be a huge transition. That is why we need to find the right combination of space, furniture, and decoration. This will allow your Office Furniture Projects to be more efficient, produce better quality work and prevent delays that could affect the entire organization

    Gebesa can make it easier to handle all kinds of transitions that might happen at your office. Having the right balance in your Working Area will make your Office Furniture Projects a total success.

    Design is taking a crucial role in making sure your organization attracts and retains a customer base.

    Office Furniture Projects need a well-designed and appropriate Working Area to be a reality.

    Our pledge is simple:

    Get High-Quality Furnishing and Storage solutions with the best Cost-Benefit ratio in the market.

    You can check our blog and read our Success Stories.

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    It's Time to Get this Standing Desk by Gebesa
    by Gebesa | 29 November 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design   office interior design   conference room

    Let's be specific. After we spend 8 hours a day at work, we may have Back Pain. A good night's rest is always good, obviously. We recharge our energy and after breakfast we are ready to go back to the office. 

    It is normal that we can experience Back Pain again. 

    Gebesa offers an Ergonomic solution to this common problem: ASCEND Height Adjustable Desks 


    This Standing Desk is part of the ASCEND Collection

    standing desk

    There may be big changes in the Work Environment in 2022. Could one of these changes be the ability to stand while working? If you work this way, it may appear that you are not taking your job seriously. But one reality is that spending a lot of time sitting can be bad for your Health.

    The problem of Back Pain is something we can all talk about. Perhaps a Standing Desk can become part of the Work Environment and bring benefits. It is time to try something new!


    Let's Keep the Conversation Simple

    A couple of years ago, I saw a movie where the plot took place in an office. There was a scene that caught my attention. A special moment that I had to pause to be able to look closely.

    A character was working standing at his desk. "How nice is your Standing Desk", one of the coworkers told him. "Thanks, you know, you have to keep moving," he replied. It was enough with just one scene to be completely interested in the idea of ​​getting a Standing Desk. And why not? This should be one of the big changes in the Work Environment in 2022.

    We can take little breaks, like going to the break room for a glass of water and having a conversation with a co-worker about anything. It's funny how the conversation can turn out to be about having Back Pain. "I'm thinking of getting a Standing Desk", he says. "That would be great, being able to continue working while standing could help me too", he replied. It sounds like a scene from another movie, but it's a conversation that surely happens a lot in the Work Environment.

    And why is this story important? Because it simplifies what we are always looking for in the way we work. That we achieve the productivity we are looking for and at the same time that we enjoy a healthy physical state. We are tired of always talking about Back Pain right?


    ASCEND is Not Just a Height Adjustable Desk

    We must make one thing clear, this whole thing is not about forgetting to work all the time in the normal way. The Standing Desk is an alternative that should be considered to complement the Work Environment in 2022.

    We can be sure that none of the so-called big changes that will happen will be definitive in the way we work. We keep trying new things. That will never change.

    So why don't you take a deep look at the ASCEND Collection?

    ASCEND Height Adjustable Desks are high quality, yet affordable and easy to assemble, making dependable height adjustability products available to everyone in the workplace.

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    Lockers: The Perfect Massive Storage Furniture
    by Gebesa | 26 November 2021 |   office equipment and furniture   office design   storage furniture

    The biggest companies have the most impressive spaces. One can appreciate the impeccable order of an Office with just one visit. Lockers are the best element in the Office.  Let's just imagine how things would be without this type of Modern Furniture. It would be like having our bedroom without a closet.

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    Ready to Go Back to The Conference Room? G-Connect Conference Table
    by Gebesa | 24 November 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design   office interior design   conference room

    This Gebesa's product is a must have for every Conference Room. This is where you have important meetings so you need the perfect furniture that allows you to get the maximum potential from everyone who is present.

    It’s time to have Business Meetings again. There’s still a lot of work to do. But now we have the confidence to get things back on track. G-Connect conference table has the great quality of being able to create a dynamic space quickly, where ideas can be shared among the entire work team and each meeting is successful.

    Gebesa knows that a conference room needs Office Furniture that can allow each meeting to be carried out with a large number of people, where hours can be spent in total comfort, because in this way each meeting can be productive.

    Here you will find the basics to know why this is the perfect product for your conference room.

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    How to Maximize Your Space with Office Storage Furniture
    by Gebesa | 26 October 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design   office interior design

    Shrinking office spaces are becoming much more commonplace in the working world. Are you looking to both save space and open it up? Without an organized workspace, the work environment can quickly become disorganized and stressful. COVID-19 is forcing us all to change and re-evaluate how we do things. The office is here to stay, but its form and function will evolve as it has always done.

    The next step is figuring out the best way to store everything.


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