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Creative Lounge Areas: Design that Impacts

At Gebesa, we understand that creativity and innovation are key elements for success in any project. That's why we're proud to present our focus on creating Creative Lounge Areas, spaces specifically designed to stimulate creativity, encourage collaboration, and facilitate idea exchange. Want to know how to create an environment that inspires creativity in your company? Keep reading!

What is a Lounge Area?

A creative lounge area is much more than just a relaxation space. It's a carefully designed environment to provide a cozy, informal, and flexible atmosphere that encourages relaxation, concentration, and, most importantly, the generation of new ideas.


Features of a Creative Lounge Area

To create a space that fosters creativity, it's important to not only match the office decor but also provide comfort by incorporating modern sofas, cushions, and other office decor elements while maintaining the corporate image. Here are the essential elements to create an ideal office relaxation area:

      1. Furniture: Choose furniture based on comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. From 
        sofas and armchairs to beanbags, prioritize comfort and flexibility so you can sit for 
        long periods and work collaboratively or individually, or simply take a break.
      2. Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a cozy and stimulating environment. 
        It's recommended to combine natural light with adjustable artificial lighting to create 
        a warm and comfortable atmosphere that suits your needs.
      3. Decoration: A palette of vibrant colors and striking patterns stimulates creativity and 
        energy. Also, consider incorporating artwork, decorative elements, and natural plants 
        to inspire imagination and create a more pleasant atmosphere.
      4. Technology: With free Wi-Fi, whiteboards, and projectors, we facilitate collaboration 
        and idea visualization. Place accessible power outlets and USB ports so collaborators 
        can charge their electronic devices while working.
      5. Other elements: You can also include a space for coffee and snacks, board games, and
        books to stimulate creativity and fun, helping your collaborators unwind and let 
        new ideas flow. Try to offer a relaxing or inspiring musical environment to create the
        perfect atmosphere for idea generation.


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How to Create a Lounge Area Design that Impacts Creativity

  • Define the purpose of the space: What will the lounge area be used for? What type of activities will take place there?
  • Consider the target audience: Who will use the space? What are their needs and interests?
  • Choose a suitable location: Look for an accessible, quiet place with good natural lighting.
  • Involve users in the design: In the search and selection of the elements listed above, involve your collaborators to gather their opinions and suggestions to create a space that truly meets their needs.


At Gebesa, we're committed to helping you create the perfect environment to stimulate your creativity and foster innovation. We hope this information has inspired you to create a creative lounge area that facilitates the relaxation of the people who use it. We invite you to put these tips into practice!