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Office break room: What furniture do I need?

In today's modern work environment, the importance of rest areas in offices is increasingly recognized. These spaces have become essential for employees, providing a place where they can relax, recharge, and socialize. If you want to have an effective office design, keep reading...

If you're thinking of implementing a rest area in your office, it's crucial to consider the right furniture to create a comfortable and inviting ambiance. In this article, we'll explore some key pieces of furniture that can transform your rest area into a relaxation oasis.

Why are Rest Areas important in the office?

Rest areas in the office are essential for several reasons, including:

1. Employee well-being and health

Rest areas provide employees with the opportunity to disconnect, relax, and recharge during their workday. These spaces help reduce stress and fatigue, thereby improving the well-being and mental health of workers and helping to prevent burnout.

2. Increased productivity

Although it may seem paradoxical, having well-designed break room in the office can boost employee productivity. Regular breaks help maintain high levels of concentration and performance.

3. Fostering creativity and collaboration

Rest areas can be conducive to informal interaction and collaboration among employees. By providing a relaxed and comfortable environment, communication and the exchange of ideas are encouraged. These informal moments can lead to the generation of new ideas and creative solutions.

4. Improved work environment

Well-designed and inviting rest areas contribute to creating a positive and appealing work environment. Employees feel valued, which can strengthen their sense of belonging and commitment to the company, resulting in higher talent retention.

What furniture do you need for the ideal rest area?



One of the essential elements in a rest area for employees is comfortable seating. Consider options such as comfortable sofas and armchairs, preferably modular to adapt to the available space, or individual seats that provide comfort and privacy to employees. Adding cushions and pillows can enhance the cozy atmosphere.



Another fundamental piece of furniture in a rest area is a coffee table. This element provides a convenient place for drinks, snacks, or magazines. Opt for a modern and functional design that complements the overall style of the rest area. You can also consider additional side tables to offer more support options.



Regarding storage, it's essential to have furniture that helps maintain order in the rest area. Shelves or bookcases are a great option for employees to store their personal belongings, such as books, water bottles, or personal decorations. You can also consider closed cabinets or cabinets for additional supplies, keeping the rest area tidy and clutter-free.



Let's not forget the importance of lighting in a rest area. Opt for soft and warm lighting to create a relaxing ambiance. Floor lamps or table lamps with adjustable lights are ideal for creating different atmospheres according to the employees' needs.


To encourage interaction and collaboration among employees, consider incorporating games and furniture for social areas, such as ping-pong tables, chess tables, or even a small library. These elements promote communication and bonding, contributing to improving the overall work environment.

Lastly, don't forget to add touches of personality and style to the rest area: Decorative elements such as plants, paintings, or photographs can contribute to creating a cozy and pleasant ambiance. Consider also the possibility of incorporating soft music or soothing sounds to help employees disconnect and rest during their break times.

In summary, when designing a rest area in your office, it's essential to consider the right furniture. Comfortable sofas and chairs, functional coffee tables, adequate storage options, and appropriate lighting are key elements to create an inviting space.

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