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Revitalizing Corporate Culture with Office Furniture

Corporate culture should be able to adapt and welcome new treds, which is why office furniture can help give it a fresh look.

The value of keeping a brand young and fresh cannot be overstated. And modern innovation-driven companies have discovered the secret. The time for traditional office designs with rusty beige walls and rigid working spaces is long gone.

Previously, many organizations were solely result-oriented with little attention given to the comfort and aesthetics of the working area. The office design including the furniture used is critical in demonstrating your company's beliefs, attitudes, principles, and philosophies. It is a reflection of your corporate culture.

Nothing can be more therapeutic than nature and keeping your office as fresh as possible. This will help to stimulate the minds of your employees leading to greater levels of productivity. 

An adaptable design that can be easily altered to fit the new contexts and satisfy the needs of workers is, therefore, a must-have for any organization that values innovation.

An integral part of office design is the office furniture that influences the development of the organization's corporate culture. Let’s see how.

Office furniture, culture, and its impact on productivity

The feelings and thoughts of your employees are directly impacted by the nature of your office environment. This is no doubt a driver of the basis of actions undertaken by mega-companies in transforming their working spaces. 

While the office redesigning process may be quite costly, the results are staggering.

Organizations now report better employee satisfaction with greater workforce retention and more out-of-the-box innovative ideas. But you don’t need to go the Google way of incorporating expensive unusual features in your office to realize such results. 

Making a few initial changes like updating office furniture can help reinforce your business culture and transform the attitude of your workers for enhanced productivity.

Assuming a more dynamic workspace that seamlessly changes to suit the employees' needs is therefore essential. It allows for collaboration and better team building. 

With movable furniture, meeting pods, and adjustable-height desks, your office design can improve interactions between employees, make them feel more relaxed, and enhance communications with the management.

So, why not boost the morale of your team by taking advantage of office furniture that reflects your company's culture?

Office furniture and features that reflect a fresh culture

Nowadays some of the trends that we see in modern offices and that are really appreciated by teams are:

Biophilic design

The biophilic design introduces elements of nature within the working spaces and works to boost workers’ productivity. When upgrading your office design, it is imperative to use modern furniture that blends with the theme colors to produce an enhancement of core values. But when considering comfort, authenticity, and durability, biophilic is the way to go.

This style stresses being natural and entails having indoor plants, intelligent lighting systems, open spaces with views of nature, green cleaning policies, and garden walls among others. 

The benefits associated with this design explain why it is becoming more popular every day. It boosts cognitive functions, enhances creativity, relieves mental stress and anxiety as well as promoting healing.


Sit-stand desks

Sit-stand desks adapt to modern ways of work and activities. Generally, office employees will spend about 8 hours of their day sitting as they work to beat deadlines and meet customers' expectations. Such prolonged sitting may lead to lumbar and cervical back pains that are often aggravated by poorly designed furniture.

To avert such occurrences, sit-stand desks have been designed to allow employees to assume the most comfortable positions while working. Some of your team members will prefer to work while standing as a strategy of maintaining high energy levels and consequently better productivity. 

On the other hand, the rest may find sitting more comfortable. But neither of the groups can comfortably maintain the same posture throughout, so the sit-stand desk becomes important. Gebesa details the benefits of using a sit-stand desk.



Modern lounge areas

Lounge areas are the perfect way to promote creativity and social interaction. No work is done in this section of the office and employees have ample time to catch up with each other. 

Using the lounge area to reinforce the culture of your company by developing a fun-like environment in this free zone is a way of helping your employees relax their minds and give room for creativity. Here is how you can enhance your office lounge area.



Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic furniture is a way of saying to your employees how much you care. The furniture is customized to meet the personal needs of an employee such as handedness without compromising the working requirement features a standard chair will have.

An ergonomic chair is also adjustable giving your workers maximum comfort they require while promoting flexibility in posture. If you intend to acquire ergonomic chairs for your organization, reach out to Gebesa for professional assistance.

Telus: an example of a rejuvenated culture through office furniture

From several traditional working spaces to a single telecom environment, Telus has reaped big with its office redesign. The company has recorded a 5 percent increase in productivity courtesy of better team access to areas with office furniture that supports group work, enhanced access to private space for jobs requiring high-level concentration among others.

Ready to light up that spark with Gebesa

Are you considering an office furniture upgrade? Gebesa is ready to help you. Having assisted employees of a tech giant to work comfortably with head-adjustable desks and designed furniture in a world-class space event, the success record of Gebesa is more than a guarantee of their expertise.