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Leading Technology Company


During this project we help to improve wellness at leading technology company.


Successful businesses need successful workers. In this case, the challenge was to find a furnishing solution that would make the employees' tasks more efficient, but also offer them greater comfort. 

The people who benefited from this project showed us that the most important factor of any organization is its employees and that their well-being is crucial to face new work scenarios, as well as to achieve better results. How did we achieve this?

"This project was important because it allowed us to work with a world class company, competing against the best, with prestigious renown and managing to keep an important project for us."

Boyardo Salmón, Gebesa VP


How did it all start?

Usually, as companies grow, so do demands and job stress

Sales may be good, but what about productivity? Processes must be efficient and workers agile to meet quotas. But if they are uncomfortable with the environment, the results are not going to be what we expect. 

So, a major global leader in audio technology came to us with the intention of renovating their workspaces

The problem

As a world-class company with branches throughout the Americas, customer service is a key issue

But they were concerned that when requesting assistance, whether for doubts about the operation of the equipment or for some issue of equipment warranty, the quality of this service was not what the customer expected. Why? 

“As the work shift progressed, the tone of voice of the operators changed, affecting the reaction of customers who called for advice”

Being a call center area, operators spent long hours in front of the computer and the phone, so they needed a strong and ergonomic chair to help them withstand this lapse day by day. In addition, they needed a desk that would offer them physical activation so that they could alternate their way of working by time intervals. 

The company already had a notion of height-adjustable desks and decided to adapt the furniture to the functions of the workers to improve work wellness and achieve customer satisfaction

The challenge

The ways of working have changed and have favored that co-workers, especially those who work in the office, can work from any place and at any time. But what about those who don't?

Normally, they lead to numerous stress problems, physical ailments, illnesses, among others. 

How do we help our clients to correct these situations? We seek to develop workspaces that help people reach their full potential.

Workspace influences coworkers and their productivity

Improving wellness at work becomes a necessity when companies begin to suffer one or more of these symptoms:

  • Increased work-related stress
  • Staff turnover (casualties or desertions)
  • Poor results
  • Inefficient processes

In this case, customer service operators spent long days in the office performing repetitive tasks that overwhelmed them and as a result, the quality of care was poor. How do we help them solve this problem?


The project: Desks that fit the tasks of the workers

After several meetings, we determined the objective: to create a more efficient and comfortable office that will help to improve work wellness.

We decided to integrate height-adjustable desks due to the practicality, functionality and innovation of this type of furniture that allows users to alternate between working in seated or standing positions.

Thus, spending so much time in the office does not become so burdensome for employees, while giving them the choice of how they prefer to work and optimizing space, too. 

The result

This technology company made the decision to invest in new desktops for its coworkers, but, there were certain specific requirements that we had to meet:

  • Functionality. Facilitate movement without affecting the functions of users and optimizing space. 
  • Adaptability. Encourage flexibility, mobility and creativity of workers by improving productivity. 
  • Adjustability. Adaptable to the length and width according to the needs of the users.
  • Quality. The manufacturing materials and processes to which this type of furniture is subjected to adhere to quality standards.
  • Electronic mechanisms of easy adjustment. They have an electronic lifting system that helps the user to find the desired height, whether working standing or seated. Also, the programmable model, in addition to indicating the desired height, can be recorded other different positions. 

The height adjustment in the desks was the ideal solution to create spaces where workers felt more comfortable and, above all, to design a modern workplace, but equally functional.

Improving wellness with ASCEND

At Gebesa, we are always on the lookout for trends in innovation, because not only customers and their needs are constantly changing, but also work habits and dynamics. How do we stay at the forefront?

Through the constant innovation of engineering and production processes in office furniture. Thus, we can provide better solutions such as renovating your facilities, integrating comfort and improving the welfare of your coworkers.

Our Ascend line of height-adjustable desks offers quality, design and functionality, along with a competitive lead time and price.

Small details make the difference

The process we went through during this renovation project was long, but at the same time, enriching, since, beyond the products we offer, we deeply believe in the importance of generating trust and creating links with our customers.  

When we integrate the height-adjustable stations, we demonstrate that, in addition to complying with the fundamental parameters, we also provide them with substantial savings in investment and better delivery time.

Begin to improve wellness at work in your offices with the help of our products and specialist advice. Yes, I do!