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Evek, Balancing Form with Function in Office Design

How can we achieve the perfect balance between the design of the space and the needs of the worker? 

Our work with Evek is a clear example of this. 

Evek, a BTL media agency, had a very clear vision: to create a workspace that is in line with the needs of the workers and, at the same time, project the global vision that the company wants to project to its current and future clients.

Find out how we helped create workspaces that connected with people, from employees to visitors.


Workspaces with purpose

Over the years there has been a significant evolution in the way modern offices are designed.

A company's employees and potential employees always appreciate a well-designed and appropriate workspace design. It also contributes to productivity and a happier working environment.


Where to start?

With all the information available to us today, setting up a workspace should be a relatively simple task. However, even with established companies like Evek, there is no expert dedicated to furnishing the office, so the responsibility usually lies with one untrained person.

This person must evaluate different aspects, such as the needs of the workers, the characteristics of the spaces, price of the furniture, installation, etc, with the aim of selecting the ideal furniture.

In this context, we joined various departments of Gebesa. Designers and planners were given the task of understanding the needs of users, square the spaces they had intended for them, and what the company needed to project.

We believe that the key to obtaining an effective office design is in balancing all the parts that integrate it.


Creating harmony

Evek, required a minimalist environment, with clean furniture in the lines, but at the same time with the necessary technology for the collaborators to carry out their daily tasks, whether they are operational or inspirational.

Inspiring spaces in which collaborators feel free to share their ideas and in which they want to achieve their goals.

A space in which the tasks were fulfilled in an efficient way, in which the productivity of those who are part of it is potentialized.

“In which ideas and teamwork flow with the aspirations of the company.”

Offices whose first impression will represent an exceptional experience, not only for current customers but also for future ones.  


How to achieve it?

There are many ways to design the office environment, the key is to find the right combination of space, furniture and, decoration to increase the productivity and welfare of employees while thinking about the identity of the organization.

Lines like G-Bench and G-Connect were the right ones to answer all your requirements:

  • They have voice and data conduction, which facilitates communication and collaborative work. 
  • In order to make the spaces more efficient, configurations were selected according to people's functions. 
  • For the finishes, the furniture was chosen in grey and black. Giving a total appearance of minimalist spaces.

With this, total harmony was achieved in the place. At Gebesa, we can help you turn your offices into powerful tools that help your employees to achieve their goals, and with them, those of the organization.