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Transforming Workspaces for Lyncott

At Gebesa, we specialize in designing and providing office furnishing solutions that adapt to each client. This time, the project involved adapting private offices for managers and collaborative areas at Lyncott's Veracruz and Los Cabos locations.

Challenge and Solution

The success story of Gebesa with Lyncott stands out for its ability to transform workspaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments tailored to the client's specific needs.

Managing the project remotely from Querétaro presented logistical challenges that Gebesa overcame using online communication tools and project management platforms. This coordination ensured that every detail of the design and implementation proceeded as planned, guaranteeing project efficiency.


Personalization and Materials

The Prime collection was selected for the private offices, offering privacy and flexible configurations ideal for hosting visitors. This line's features were a perfect fit for the managers' needs.

In collaborative areas, panel systems from the Synergy collection were chosen to encourage collaboration without compromising individual privacy. The sound-absorbing panels and acrylic partitions effectively delineated spaces, enhancing the work environment. Gebesa's in-depth knowledge of its product lines was key in selecting the right solutions for each area.

The carefully chosen materials and finishes, selected in collaboration with Lyncott, met food industry standards and provided the offices with a modern and professional look. This customization and attention to detail were crucial to client satisfaction, as they appreciated how the new setups enhanced efficiency and employee satisfaction. Gebesa's collaborative approach, working closely with Lyncott, was the key to achieving these results.


Results and customer satisfaction

Lyncott's decision to choose Gebesa over previous competitors was based on the variety of options, customization capabilities, and the superior quality of the furniture. This case underscores Gebesa's commitment to excellence in workspace design, demonstrating its ability to manage complex projects and deliver solutions that meet client expectations.

Gebesa excels in transforming workspaces through customized solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and adherence to specific client requirements, reinforcing its position as a leader in the office furniture sector in Mexico.


Lyncott's feedback has been positive, highlighting how the new configurations have improved the work dynamic, increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction.

We are proud to know that our solutions have had such a positive impact on your organization.

Gebesa Advisor: Ariadna Guevara