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Transformation of Spaces in Eikos: Vision and Functionality

At Gebesa, collaboration and commitment to excellence have been fundamental to every project we undertake. A clear example of this is our decade-long relationship with renowned architect Daniela Cendejas and our recent collaboration with architect Diego Oaxaca to transform Eikos – Insurance Agents' offices.

The Challenge

Project Duration: 2 months.

Architect Diego Oaxaca's objective was clear: to create an area with identity, where furniture respects the vision and hierarchy of elements in the workspace. Developed in collaboration with our project manager Victor López, this project aimed to balance minimalist aesthetics with ergonomic functionality essential for Eikos' daily activities.

Design Process and Collaboration

The project started with an intensive feedback phase, with multiple visits to the corporate office allowing for a detailed study of each user's specific needs. Constant communication and attention to detail ensured all decisions aligned with the architect's vision.

A neutral palette was chosen for operational areas, while executive spaces adopted a conservative minimalist style, using laminated surfaces in bay sand and black tones. This approach not only respected aesthetic vision but also provided a professional and sophisticated atmosphere.


Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges was aligning aesthetic vision with an ergonomic proposal that enhanced functionality and mobility within the offices. Following initial approval and installation commencement, strategic changes were made to optimize spaces, especially around conference tables. Real-time analysis allowed adjustments that resulted in a more efficient and comfortable work environment.



The final result was a space that not only met aesthetic expectations but also improved daily functionality for Eikos' employees. The combination of elegant design and ergonomic solutions has created an environment that inspires productivity and well-being.


At Gebesa, this project is a testament to our ability to collaborate closely with architects and clients, ensuring each space reflects the original vision while adapting to practical day-to-day needs. Eikos' satisfaction and our ongoing relationships with architectural partners demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovation in every project we undertake.

Sales Advisor: Humberto Arroyo de la Rosa
Architects: Arch. Daniela Zendejas and Arch. Diego Oaxaca
Gebesa Project Manager: Victor López.