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Formula 1, success is in the details

How does one furnish a world-class event space? The key is attention to detail. 

Details in an event like Formula 1 can be crucial. Time becomes a key factor, and the organizers take care of every element.

From the teams responsible for the maintenance of the race cars to organizing the press room that will house the media that will broadcast the event worldwide, every detail is taken into account.

In 2017, Formula 1 was hosted in Mexico City and Gebesa was chosen to equip the press room. How does one furnish a space for a world-class event? You can learn how we managed to supply the Mexican Grand Prix’s press room through attention to detail.

Small details, significant differences

In an F1 competition, the coordination and precision of all involved are critical. For example, pit stops should be as short as possible, as excessive pit stops would negatively influence the results.

Formula 1 is watched by thousands of people. According to Forbes magazine, in 2018, it was viewed by half a million viewers. In a live production of such magnitude, the fractions of time gained or lost can impact the audience levels, so conditioning a venue where it will be broadcasted becomes a fundamental task.

The challenge

Reporters worldwide attend this event to follow the race in real-time, broadcast the competition’s circuits, follow every lap, cover all the racers’ pit stops, and more.

In this scenario, the Formula’s organizers came up with a significant challenge: to provide work desks tailored to the show’s specific demands, space, and the needs of the reporters.

For this, the space should have electrical outlets and tables suited to the area to facilitate the reporters’ work and cameras’ correct arrangement.

Together with designers and an extraordinary engineering department, we provided a Kenza type table, with modifications for electrification, without a skirt, and durable enough to withstand the long days of work that would be carried out on them.

The Kenza line represents style and innovation, with straight forms, easy to assemble, and a wide range of laminated tones.

Quality and resistance

Due to Gebesa’s commitment to quality of design and customer satisfaction, this furniture was not only liked by the organizers of the event, but they are still using the same tables that we supplied them in 2017.

This reaffirms our products’ quality and resistance, which despite the years that have passed and the working hours they have suffered, continue to be maintained in perfect condition, making us worthy of public recognition in social networks to support the execution of the event.

We are aware that the road we are traveling will lead us to our goal, to be the number one choice of furnishing throughout Mexico and abroad.