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Manufacturing company


During this project we helped a manufacturing company to create inspirational and productive spaces.

The company was about to open a new plant in Mexico and needed to furnish their offices. However, they had noticed a constant, continuous turnover of staff and two, to configure the workspaces had little time.

Since collaborators are the engine of any business, the configuration of an office and everything it entails is a key factor in attracting and retaining talent. Through this project, we seek to provide your collaborators with workspaces that will boost their productivity and whose designs will inspire their development. In short, spaces in which they would like to be. 


Spaces designed for people

The company had to open its new plant in just four weeks, with workspaces designed for its collaborators and their needs, with the objective of reducing the constant rotation of personnel and increasing the retention of human talent.  

A place where the attitude and the development of the personnel would contribute to the manufacture of products that would surpass all the expectations of their own clients and in which the highest standards of their industry would be established. 

They had well-established space distribution, that is, they knew where their departments would be located, so the next step was to furnish them effectively. That's how, together, we started to plan and configure the workspaces. 

How do we create a workspace with people in mind?

We must first begin by understanding the needs of those who will use them. 

“The greater the knowledge of the collaborators, the better the workspaces. ”

The second element, space. In order to achieve a correlation between people and spaces, we undertook the following actions: 

  • We carry out an in-depth study of the needs and objectives.
  • We made the planning of workspaces based on the study. 
  • We configured the spaces according to the structure (areas) of the business.
  • We deliver the furniture in a short period of time.

The third, time. At Gebesa we are known for handling high production volumes in short periods of time, so the four weeks were enough to live up to customer expectations.

Knowing the needs and objectives  

We knew that the objective was to retain talent, that is to say, that their collaborators wanted to be there. For this, it was necessary to plan and set up offices in which people want to achieve success together with the company. 

The first thing was to analyze the activities that people would carry out in order to understand the real needs. It was necessary to know the collaborators, for it, they answered a series of questions that helped us to have a clear idea of the ideal furniture for their functions How did we do it? 

The planning process 

In Gebesa, each unit has a designer who goes to the place where the furnishing will take place. So, we went to the facilities to make an analysis of the space, take measurements, check if there are doors and windows, walls, pillars, among other elements and, based on that, we planned the installation of the furniture.

After understanding the real needs, as well as their installations, the next step was the selection of the furniture. We have different product lines that provide furnishing solutions for different sectors, styles, designs, budgets, and preferences. 

The configuration 

In the planning stage, at Gebesa,  each unit has a team specialized in the installation of the furniture, who, based on a well-defined guide, assemble the furniture in the corresponding spaces. 

In addition, the company gave us the freedom to configure their spaces following the planning proposal we made. Our goal was to make your workspaces work the best way to get the best possible results

“Office furniture can contribute to the success of your company or hinder its development.” 

The delivery

The manufacture, delivery, and configuration of the space was done in 4 weeks, since, we have the ability to respond to the specific needs of our customers, including delivery times.


A great challenge 

Today, the labor market is highly competitive, developers and companies face different challenges, two of them: attracting and retaining valuable employees. 

The new generations that are making their way into the workplace demand better working conditions. It is difficult to compete if you do not have modern and adequate facilities to meet their needs. 

At Gebesa, we believe that talent retention is indispensable in a company because keeping talented professionals motivated, qualified and up to date allows them to enjoy their work and achieve exceptional results.