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      Jan 10 , 2020
    What is Modular Furniture?

    Modular furniture is a set of furniture items, that can be tailored so that they fit your company. Is gaining popularity because of the many benefits it offers to its users. We list five benefits of modular office furniture.

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    Why you should choose multi-functional furniture to improve productivity in the office
    by Gebesa | 2 February 2021 |   office equipment and furniture   multi-functional furniture

    Having less but more functional furniture can be the key to improve productivity and save your precious office space. Learn all about this kind of appliance.

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    Office Furniture Buying Guide
    by Gebesa | 13 January 2021 |   Office Furniture   office equipment and furniture

    Buy office furniture effectively with this complete guide that will help you create a productive and healthy environment.

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    How to improve office safety by organizing space and furniture
    by Gebesa | 17 November 2020 |   office equipment and furniture

    Some quick arrangements to your office layout and divisions can help improve office safety by a great deal. 

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    Innovative office solutions that make healthy distancing possible
    by Gebesa | 13 November 2020 |   Office Furniture   office equipment and furniture

    According to recent research by Thrive Global, 80% of employees would like their employer to take more aggressive steps to safeguard the employees’ health, especially in the face of the global pandemic situation. Today, there are innovative office solutions, some of them exceptionally accessible, not only to generate a greater sense of security but to provide a safer environment while continuing business activities inside offices.

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    How To Maximize Spaces With The Proper Office Storage Furniture?
    by Gebesa | 19 October 2020 |   Office Furniture   office equipment and furniture

    Wasting precious office space is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. But don’t worry, you will soon know how to optimize your office space to maximize the space using office storage furniture. Office storage furniture is an integral part of every office. Whether it is personal storage units or tables in the shared conference room, you will find them in all the offices. They are so important that they decide whether you will have enough free space or not. If you use the wrong office storage furniture, it can cost you a lot of open space, free movement, and comfort. If you buy the right furniture for your office, then you can efficiently maximize your office space. 

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    How to create a home office while the economy is affected by COVID-19
    by Gebesa | 25 March 2020 |   office equipment and furniture

    If you are thinking about the home office as an alternative to the COVID-19, click here for tips on to how to implement it successfully.

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    What Office Equipment Should You Acquire?
    by Gebesa | 28 January 2020 |   office equipment and furniture

    To acquire the office equipment you need to thoroughly look at the job of your employees and the things they need to complete their job.

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    Furniture and office equipment not to be missed
    by Gebesa | 7 October 2019 |   office equipment and furniture

    Furniture and office equipment are key elements for your workspace to be perfectly functional. Do you have everything you need?