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All about office cubicles

What is a cubicle? 

A cubicle is a small, compact space, used in an office where there is limited office space. A cubicle provides an employee with a personal workspace to complete work tasks.


How to equip a work cubicle?

There are basic elements with which to equip a workstation. In reality, they are not so different from other office facilities, since the tasks to be performed in the space are very similar. 


The main elements are the desk and the chair. It is important that they have the right height to work comfortably, and with the necessary space to develop the tasks in an optimal way. 

Another essential element is the storage space, to keep documentation, paperwork, etc. at hand. The gebesa modular systems have integrated drawers, offering a good solution.



In addition, office cubicles must have facilities for the equipment used in them, as well as: power outlets, voice, and data output, and wireless or wired connections. 

Why are cubicles recommended for office configurations?

Having office cubicles provides a trusting environment that encourages individual responsibilities. 

 While we tend to be quite social, we sometimes maintain a sense of privacy.  Cubicles with panels allow you to protect your personal space and reduce distractions in the work area.

Cubicles have also become a popular alternative to quickly create a secure space without the need for major installations. 

Office cubicles  are the perfect solution for a company that runs its operations in one large room, so they can use cubicles to define employee areas and tasks. 


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