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The Importance of Workforce Comfort

Human resources are the company's biggest assets. If the employees of the company do not work, the operations and management will come to a halt. When the employees are dedicated and devoted to the company and its goals, the company will flourish. The employees of a company must be cared for by the management and feel satisfied in the company.

It has been established that employees that are comfortable in their office space are satisfied and happy to be working for the company. The truth is, if you care about your employees then they will care about you. According to a study by Alan Hedge, Phd., CPE at Cornell University, satisfied employees share high work morale and are motivated to make the best of every day at work. They are more productive, organized, energetic, and positive in their work and behavior.

The first study by Alan Hedge focused on the impact of office temperature on employee productivity. The temperature in your office greats impacts the comfort of the employees. If your office feels space is as cold as a hill station in winters, then nothing can stop your employees from getting sick. Moreover, half the time at work they will be distracted by the cold weather and will be taking to go to the washroom. This will certainly lead to lowered productivity and employee satisfaction.

If the room temperature is boiling, then it won't bearable for your employees. They will find themselves easily stressed and irritated. Moreover, they will hate the idea of coming to work.  In a study, computer operators in offices were asked to sit in a separate room, where the temperature was changed after 15-minute intervals. Alan Hedge observed that typing mistakes increased by 74% when the temperature in an office was too chilly.

Adjustable workstations allow the user to adjust the height of their desk and chair in a manner that suits their height, size, and comfort. With the help of adjustable chairs, employees do not have to bear with the problem aching neck and back. Moreover, they can adjust the space according to space they need to fit their legs. When employees are sitting comfortable, they can focus solely on the work. When they go home, they don't experience the body and stay satisfied with their jobs.

According to another study by Alan Hedge, 80% of employees prefer adjustable furniture that allows them to both sit and stand while working. The study was conducted using electronically adjustable chairs, which were used by employees of an insurance company and a hi-tech facility. The users of these chairs experienced less musculoskeletal discomfort. To increase worker comfort you could buy adjustable chairs and sit-stand desks for them.

Moreover, Hedge discovered that those who worked regularly in front of a computer screen experienced more problems due to keeping a bad posture. Adjustable furniture was a god bless for these employees as they could now adjust themselves according to their comfort. The computer in itself does not have an ergonomic design. Hence, space, where it is placed, was adjusted by applying ergonomics.

The study was conducted over 33% of employees of two businesses. The work of these employees involved using a computer system. One of the companies was a hi-tech firm, while the other was an insurance company. Hedge and researcher Dainoff claim that body posture can impact the productivity of an employee. It is essential to buy chairs that improve body posture. Moreover, employees must learn how to properly prepare their desk so that their posture remains straight.

This study was followed by a study of employees that used electronic desks with adjustable height. Out of these, 80% were happy with the agency and comfort that an adjustable surface offered. After having used these desks for a month, it was discovered that they experienced a lower musculoskeletal discomfort by 20% when compared to those using traditional desks.

These studies were highly popular because they helped businesses improve their basic office facilities to increase productivity and comfort. Hedge even presented his research over adjustable workstations to promote employee comfort at Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Venue, located in New Orleans.

Considering comfort has such a huge impact on the health of your employees and their productivity, it is essential to buy ergonomic furniture. An ergonomic expert can access the needs of your workspace and suggest solutions that would be best suited for your company. They can also explain ergonomics and give training to the office staff.