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Things to know about air conditioning in the office

The primary benefit of air conditioners is to keep the room cool and the air fresh. While air conditioning is essential to ensure that your employees are comfortable, it comes with a secondary benefit as well. Air conditioners dehumidify the air in a room to prevent bacteria and germs from taking over the workplace. However, if an air conditioner is not properly maintained then it can do the opposite of what it is supposed to. This means that the air from the air conditioner can become a cause for the spread of sickness if it is not working efficiently.

It is not uncommon for work in an office to get pending, due to the absence of one employee. The absence of even one employee for a few days can slow down the work in a company. Physical illnesses are the most common reason behind employees' requesting for leaves. The surroundings in your office must be clean and free from germs, to keep bacterial infections and allergies at bay. An office that is clean and properly ventilated witnesses a lesser number of medical leaves.

Before selecting an AC you must consider the needs of your office. How many cabins or separate workstations do you have? What is the normal temperature in your city? What are the reliable brands of air conditioners available in the market? Do they have special solutions for large workspaces?

First and foremost, you need to decide upon the type of air conditioning system that you need in your office. There are four categories to choose from: central, split, window and portable. These are mainly distinguished by their size. Split and Windows ACs can be installed in single rooms for efficiency. Hence, they will be compatible with private cabins in the office. For a larger cooling area, you need central cooling installed. These are compatible for office where employees are seated in the same room in cubicles, or if the office design is open space. The installation of getting central air conditioning installed is considerably more than the installation fee for split and window ACs.

Once you have successfully answered these questions, you can start the search for the best way to air condition your office. You must first select a reliable supplier who has the knowledge of the air conditioning appliances that they sell. A knowledgeable supplier will be able to give you a detailed description of the product, including how efficient and environmentally friendly it is. Ask questions about insulation and thermostat. Moreover, you need to enquire about how much noise the air conditioner will make, to prevent distracting and disturbing your employees with excessive noise. You also need to question about the power supply that it requires to run. Try buying cost-effective air conditioners as much as possible.

Always keep the Energy Efficiency Ratio of the ACs type and brand in mind, when making the selection. Remember, the lower the EER, the higher the electricity bill.

You need to compare the information available about air conditioners from various brands, to find the one that offers the best service within your budget. While doing this, it is essential to research the durability of appliances by these brands. Reading customer reviews and testimonials can help you select a brand that offers exceptional after-sales services, along with a reliable product.

Whether the construction work of your office is still underway or has been completed, you can invite installation professionals to install the air conditioner. If the construction work is going on, you can even consult the architect about the positioning of the air conditioners, to receive maximum benefits.

Do not end up buying air conditioners from any XYZ company, only because they sell cheaper. Cheaper products often do not last long and will be a waste of resources. Select a brand based on their credibility and not price. You can take the advice of a technician so that you make the right choice. They can help you understand the British Thermal Rating Unit of machines and explain the running costs that you’ll have to bear. 

AC solutions for your office are a long term expense and must be made after a lot of consideration. Try buying a product that is efficient and requires low maintenance, so that you do not annually receive high maintenance bills.