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      Oct 3 , 2019
    8 Modern Office Features

    Color, lighting, open spaces, and decoration, among others, are some of the characteristics of modern offices.

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    Five tools to promote online workplace collaboration
    by Gebesa | 24 November 2020 |   workspaces   Productivity at work

    Adapting to a remote environment and maintaining productivity is crucial these days. Use these online tools to promote online workspace collaboration.

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    How to create safer workplace ammenities & common areas after Covid19
    by Gebesa | 10 November 2020 |   workspaces

    With the arrival of the pandemic, business needs across the globe have changed; it is now imperative to provide safe workplace facilities adapted to current health requirements.

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    The Importance of Workforce Comfort
    by Gebesa | 25 February 2020 |   workspaces   Productivity at work

    Human resources are the company's biggest assets. If the employees of the company do not work, the operations and management will come to a halt. When the employees are dedicated and devoted to the company and its goals, the company will flourish. The employees of a company must be cared for by the management and feel satisfied in the company.

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    Company workspaces, how to create them?
    by Gebesa | 7 October 2019 |   workspaces

    Workspaces in a company directly influence the health of employees, the efficiency of their activities and business results.


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