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How to Maximize Your Space with Office Storage Furniture

Shrinking office spaces are becoming much more commonplace in the working world. Are you looking to both save space and open it up? Without an organized workspace, the work environment can quickly become disorganized and stressful. COVID-19 is forcing us all to change and re-evaluate how we do things. The office is here to stay, but its form and function will evolve as it has always done.

The next step is figuring out the best way to store everything.

Mobile pedestal from the modular PRIE collection


Let's start from the basics. This mobile pedestal offers a variety of configurations, plus it has laminated finishes. You can see from the photo that this product can match the vast majority of office decoration ideas.

Thanks to the characteristic of its mobility, this pedestal will be very practical because you can organize your office space and keep your documents safe and always close to work with them.

That is what is special about these types of Gebesa products, they are small but they can make the office space bigger.

2021 is almost over and the office space may not be defined yet. We need to continue with a special routine. There are those who have completely returned to the office and there are those who work in a hybrid format.

Be that as it may, space needs to be used in the best way, that is why office furniture such as this mobile pedestal from the modular PRIME collection are important.

In addition, the Gebesa official site offers more options like this one, to meet any type of needs that have to do with improving the office space.


More solutions

From bookcases to personal cabinets, we invite you to explore the wide variety of products we offer to improve the use of office space.



The new normal implies new ways of working, therefore new office spaces. Start over and don't look back. Choosing the perfect office furniture means that the transition from working at home to returning to the office can be successful.


One of the products we talk about is the Open bookcase from the KENZA collection.


This type of bookcase, as you can see, is perfect for organizing objects and being able to take them without problem. So, the office will have a dynamic and modern atmosphere facilitating the way of working.


Another one is the Universal Steel Cabinet


This product is perfect for storing a multitude of items safely and securely. The best ally of the office in these times because you can save what you want and keep your space clean.


You can have more with less

As you can see, in this blog we only talk about the basics, but Gebesa has an extensive catalog that we are sure will help you meet your storage and organization expectations.

Maximizing office space is easy with Gebesa.