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Let's Talk About Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you want to know about high-quality Ergonomic Office Chairs, this is the right place.  Proper office ergonomics can help you and your joints stay comfortable at work. Sitting improperly can up your chances for shoulder, wrist, back, and neck injuries. No matter what type of work you do, being comfortable all day can make a difference. Fortunately, the solution can be quite simple. 

Simple adjustments to office equipment can work wonders, making work more comfortable and more productive!

Ergonomic Office Chairs by Gebesa

What to look for in an ergonomic office chair?

Ergonomics is the study of how we interact with our working environment and how these interactions can be improved so that our wellbeing is maximized.


Correctly adjusting your chair can help you maintain proper posture and take the pressure off your back. In fact, good ergonomic posture for an office is not all that different from sitting in a car, with your feet flat but legs extended and your body not vertical but tilted slightly backward.

Likewise, as technology continues to make how, where, and when we do our jobs more flexible, employer expectations must follow suit. Having an office that is comfortable to work in, is considered the most valuable workstation attribute across all worker types.


Ergonomic Office Chair: EXECUTIVE

New styles of ergonomic chairs have been designed to try to create good support, and comfort, and promote good posture. These chairs may take a little getting used to but typically become very comfortable over time. The new ways of working and a greater focus on employees’ needs are all part of a wider cultural shift in the workplace. And with happier employees equalling more productive employees, making staff comfort a business priority is a win-win for both companies and the people they employ.

3 Tips for buying an office chair

As an employer, creating a healthy and safe work environment where your workforce can flourish – content, comfortable, and productive – should be a top priority!


Ergonomic Office Chair: MID BACK

Many people have been rethinking their seating options to feel more comfortable at home. Nothing is keeping you from doing the same in the office. The post-COVID reality involves only some workers coming back to the office. Probably the quickest fix when it comes to achieving more comfortable workstation ergonomics is to provide adjustable chairs. A higher-quality mid-back chair could make you feel better in the office, recreating the comfortable at-home environment. 

By taking advantage of the above tips, you can simplify the transition and tweak your office space according to your needs. An ergonomic office chair is essential for maintaining good posture, avoiding physical discomfort, and boosting productivity.

Applying ergonomic principles - the study of the workplace as it relates to the worker - can help prevent work-related back pain and back injury and help maintain a healthy back.

This is why ergonomic chairs are important!


Gebesa's Seating collection offers a range of high-quality, stylish options that feature ergonomic design and all-day comfort from the entire workday to special guest events.