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Ready to Go Back to The Conference Room? G-Connect Conference Table

This Gebesa's product is a must have for every Conference Room. This is where you have important meetings so you need the perfect furniture that allows you to get the maximum potential from everyone who is present.

It’s time to have Business Meetings again. There’s still a lot of work to do. But now we have the confidence to get things back on track. G-Connect conference table has the great quality of being able to create a dynamic space quickly, where ideas can be shared among the entire work team and each meeting is successful.

Gebesa knows that a conference room needs Office Furniture that can allow each meeting to be carried out with a large number of people, where hours can be spent in total comfort because in this way each meeting can be productive.

Here you will find the basics to know why this is the perfect product for your conference room.

Room For All


One of the advantages of having the G-Connect Conference Table is the ability to hold Business Meetings in a practical way: people will be able to come and go without problems. We will be able to meet again in the conference room and work as a team. It's been a long time since the last meeting in the Conference Room.


Comfort Is Priority

gebesa conference table

G-Connect Conference Table is designed with a wide frame and more than enough legroom for everyone. As workers return to the office, they may feel anxious after spending the past year and a half away from office life. Having a Conference Room prepare for all of this, gives a chance to ease back into routines and adjust to evolving pandemic norms.


A Contemporary Yet Classy Look

conference table

We all want to do our best at work and something that helps is being in a place where we feel comfortable, where we can spend time without looking at the clock. A Modern Style and Beautiful Wooden Finish are part of this Gebesa product.

An ideal Conference Room is a place where everyone wants to be, because productivity is achieved not only with a plan but with a workspace, where small details help to achieve the best performance.


More Advantages

business meeting

Improving the teamwork relationship is more relevant than ever. Two years have passed and you must have the best work environment. A Conference Room needs to look clean and ready for Business Meetings. G-Connect Conference Table improves space, makes cleaning easier and helps ideas to be communicated successfully.

Returning to the Conference Room is a special conversation. It has to do with everything and everyone: teamwork, new projects and business clients.


The Future

meetings gebesa

With a G-Connect Conference Table, you get the right answers when talking about a Conference Room that meets your work plan: face-to-face Business Meetings are still important in a world of Zoom Meetings.

Gebesa is ready to offer this product and more, thinking that 2021 and the beginning of 2022 should be moments full of energy.

Get the G-Connect conference table and make those moments a reality!