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What to look for in your ideal office chair?

The search for an ideal office chair can be complicated, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Everyone has certain needs and there are many considerations to factor into your decision.

Overlooking an important feature of your new chair could affect your health. Poor back support, a forward-leaning neck, or lack of arm support are just a few examples of problems associated with the wrong furniture that will ultimately lead to problems. 


  1. Ergonomics

    A chair without adjustability is not ergonomic at all. Look for chairs that have multiple adjustment options to ensure constant comfort. Especially if multiple people will be using the office chair, you should make sure that all elements of the chair are adjustable. This includes the armrests, seat, and backrest.

  2. Suitable upholstery

    It is recommended that it be upholstered with materials designed to withstand continuous use.

  3. Adjustable height

    Your chair should be adjustable in height according to your height and more specifically to the length of your legs. It is estimated that for 90% of people, the correct height is 17 to 20 in above the floor, allowing for proper positioning of the chair and work screen.

  4. Lumbar support

    The best work chairs are those that support your spine from top to bottom and have a backrest that protects and maintains the natural inward curvature of the spine. 

  5. Armrests 

    They should allow us to maintain a comfortable posture, forming a 90º angle with our arms. This element aims to help you keep your forearm in a horizontal position so that you can rest your wrists on the desk without deviations or efforts that become injuries in the long run. 

  6. Wheels

    The wheels on the base allow for greater comfort when changing posture or moving around the workstation. It is recommended to look for 5-legged chairs with wheels, this will give you greater stability and mobility in your workspace.


The LOFT executive chair has an ergonomic design made of resistant and soft tactile leather that provides optimal support and comfort. 


The center-tilt mechanism of this chair allows for recline release and fixed position locking. It also features a height-adjustable function that allows it to adapt to the user's desired posture. 


Its materials and aesthetic projects an image of elegance that will make your office a more sophisticated workspace. 


Contact Gebesa to find the ideal office chair to suit your office needs!