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Reception furniture: the key to make a good impression

The design of the reception area reflects each company's identity and is undoubtedly one of the most important places within a company as it is where the first impression is made and in some way is the first contact with the rest of the organization. 



It is vital that the reception area is furnished in the right way, with office furniture that is aesthetic and functional and reflects the corporate values in such a way that it is clear to others.

There are several elements in the reception area to consider when thinking about its design, but there is one element that stands out: the counter.




Avant-garde, stylish, and balanced reception thanks to the perfect combination of natural wood veneer, metal, and glass finishes of the Filo reception desk which allows you to work in a comfortable and functional space. 

The Spazio reception is perfect for companies with more discreet and traditional values, as the dark finish of this desk creates an elegant appearance. A perfect way to add that traditional touch to your décor. 

By contrast, the minimalist design of the double curved reception combines wood veneer with laminate finishes and circular details on the walls to give an avant-garde touch to the decoration.

Reception furniture will depend directly on the type of company and its identity. With this in mind, remodeling or choosing the furniture for your reception will be much easier.

These are 3 important points to consider for the perfect reception for your business or company:

  • Visual function 

The visual function is the first image the client sees of the company when crossing the entrance door, therefore it is recommended both the furniture and the distribution of space and colors used in the decoration are identifiable to the company, thereby capturing the customer's attention and generating a memorable impression. 

  • Customer comfort 

The customer should be comfortable in the waiting area, regarding both comfort and customer service, we aim to create an environment that makes them feel welcome as well as generate a positive reaction. 

  • Work environment

Following the previous point, it is necessary that the receptionist is totally comfortable facing the clientele, and in a trusting work environment, hence the client will receive a better service



Furnishing your reception can be difficult, it all depends on making the right decisions about what you want. Don't hesitate to Contact us if you need help with your reception design.