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L-shaped desk design: functional and modern models

The right work desk can make a big difference in the productivity of employees. L-shaped office desks are one of the best choices because of their versatility and elegance.

L-shaped desks are characterized by having a 90° right-angled extension, forming 2 work areas.


The main area is where we will perform our daily work.  The complementary wing will serve as a support for all those tasks that we need. Thus, its location is strategically designed so that you can access any point of the table without moving too much. 

This auxiliary area can be used, for example, to keep all the tools tidy and to be able to carry out your routine with greater comfort and efficiency. Likewise, it is also usually the area where telephones, folders, filing cabinets, and printers, among others, are placed.


Normally it is recommended to use the computer in the widest part of the table. So that it is in front of us and we have a comfortable position to work.


The 90° L desk from URBAN offers generous space, making it possible to serve the clientele by placing extra chairs. 

When we have space problems in the office and it is not possible to place another desk, the L-shaped desk gives us the option to place another workspace for another collaborator and create work islands with different shapes, breaking the uniformity of the office. 

G-Connect Option C features a file cabinet as an immediate archive for important documents that we use on an ongoing basis.


Perfect for middle management executives, the Peninsula L group from CYBER will help you create collaborative offices and hold meetings with several people, where access to a meeting room is not available. It has an ergonomic design, easy assembly, and voice and data conduction hidden in its firm metallic structure.


The Executive L-shaped set is ideal for private offices. Its design is perfect for senior and middle management positions, as it offers ample space to work, as well as a safe place to store important documents. 

Continue to learn about Gebesa's wide variety of models that satisfy both functionality and taste at the same time. 

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