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4 Worker Oriented Furniture Trends

Furniture trends shouldn’t just be a set of pretty ornaments and colors, they should benefit workers and be centered in their wellbeing.

Office designed without considering much about employees’ well-being and happiness can significantly impact the teams’ productivity and overall productivity of your business. 

According to researchers, workplaces having human-centered design bring the right working environment in two different ways. Firstly, it will make the workers feel that you, as an employer, care for them. Secondly, providing a comfortable ambiance helps employees to be attentive.

Therefore, converting office interiors to be worker-oriented has been among the top design trends. If you want to revamp your commercial space with worker-oriented furniture, it’s imperative to know the hows and whats of this aspect. 

Hence, going through this page would be beneficial. Let us introduce some latest furniture trends, enlightening how furniture trends can be human-centered and the must-to-consider aspects when following these trends.


How Can Furniture Trends Be Human-Centered

To know how furniture trends lately have been focusing on the needs of the employees and have adopted a human-centered approach, keep in mind that we humans love to be at the center. We get more relaxed, and our minds bring out positive responses when our environment is attentive towards our core needs: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. 

The latest furniture trends denote a combined focus on these basic requirements to become human-centered. Many organizations are also utilizing HR lessons to make their office design more suitable.

You can slowly start the renewing process by asking your employees about their requirements and applying the following concepts. 

  • Collaboration furniture is essential for evoking community in the working environment, tangling the employer and employees with twines of trust. 
  • Ergonomically designed chairs and desks keep our bodies healthy, and the biomechanical stability opens up the door of satisfaction.
  • Allowing employees the autonomy of choosing where they want to continue working for the day is yet another means of greater productivity.  
  • Acoustic furniture brings you the silence your employees need for serene working. 
  • Biophilic design reduces stress levels and makes the place look more attractive. Thus, bringing some greenery to your workplace would be an excellent decision. 

The New Human-Centered Design Trends 

When it comes to the office furniture trends 2021, we noticed the emphasis given on utilization of the entire space of the working area, while flexibility and sustainability are also present as imperative segments. 


Management Centered Office Design 

Management-centered office design offers more convenient and effective office management. It can control the interaction between employees according to their job position, and skillset and promotes accountability and discipline among the workers. 

It can also encompass different divisions for employees. With a team-cluster design, team members feel their responsibility towards the work and, therefore, work together to complete it. 

Similarly, in the traditional method, employees need to implement and complete their work within a specific time individually. This way, management becomes simpler since only the responsible person needs to be approached for follow-ups.  

Besides, employees can utilize the technology to attain greater efficiency and spend time break-out space, which lessens the chances of mismanagement. 


Team-Based Layouts 

HR experts are efficient enough to bring out ways for making productivity excel, and often it includes the office design. We can utilize the available skills and aptitudes with team-based layouts to promote an activity-based workplace where employees can freely move in different areas if they wish.

It’s an excellent measure for elevating the productivity level. Ensuring the well-being and integrity of the workers has become a driving chapter because of the new standard environment.  

Hence, we recommend providing safer facilities encourages staff members to devote better performances. Creating a habitat for recreational activities with offering communication channels reduces the stress and tension of employees. 

At the same time, endowing them with a sense of autonomy, which encompasses lesser supervision and obstacles, is essential. Besides, equipping your office with all the necessary tools is needed for more growth of your business.


Activity-Based Design 

Activity-based models comprise an open office model void of fixed positions. In this human-centered design, employees can move on to accomplish different work in different environments. And, all of those environments are designated with particular functions. 

Being flexible enough to explore different office areas for performing various tasks, employees become more animated and dynamic, which is impossible if they need to continue working from the same cubicle for the entire day. 


An activity-based work environment can be different depending on the projects required to be worked on. Like, an akin climate to a cafeteria, having music and other facilities can enhance conversation and interactions. It’s immensely productive for collaborative tasks. But, maintaining absolute silence on the same floor, using modular workstations, can provide an ambiance to employees where they can concentrate. 

Besides providing greater freedom to them, you can augment the natural flow of the organization as well.


Biophilic Design 

The development of a healthy and friendly environment within an office is crucial for productivity. You can bring nature within the office design with Biophilic design, which increases cognitive function and creativity, improving mental health, and reducing tension and stress.  

The structure necessarily comprises an intelligent lighting system, open spaces with natural views, aromatherapy, garden walls, indoor plants, and many other elements. Biophilic design is excellent for mental well-being. This design is suitable for small and large-sized offices. And, you have already assumed the aesthetic appeal it can denote. 

Things You Shouldn’t Ignore When Following Trends 

The furniture trends of 2021, mentioned in the above sections, can be highly productive for your business growth. However, they are only effective when utilized properly. 

Therefore, , check their compatibility with your office space before opting for any human-centered design trendCheck their ergonomics, the quality of the products you need to purchase, and the office space you have.  Besides, the safety of your employees should be the first thing you need to consider. 

Human-Centered Designs – Happy Customers and Happy Employees

We think you have already understood what a human-centered design is and what it should be considered

Human-centered designs are the method of crafting an enjoyable and comfortable office space for increasing the efficiency of your employees, which in turn improves the service or product you are offering. Consequently, it also means a happy business to you.