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What’s the right height for your desk?

The right choice of furniture for your office has to do with decorative aspects and with taking care of our body and mind daily. 

The right height of an office desk is one of the main elements to consider when it comes to avoiding problems related to poor posture


When the desk is too high, you raise your shoulders. But, on the other hand, when the desk is too low, you start working in a crouched position.

This can cause physical pain, but also difficulty concentrating, reduced productivity and even more serious health consequences.


Office desks usually have a height between 26-30 inches, with a height of 28-29 inches being common. This height is ideal for a user of between 64-74 inches in height to be able to work comfortably while maintaining good posture at all times.

An office desk should allow free movement of the legs. We must have space between the desk and our legs so that they are not compressed. 


Having a desk with the right height is much easier with a height-adjustable desk. It allows for better adaptation to the user's anatomy at any given moment while extending the functionality of the desk.

What’s the right sitting posture?

  1. The monitor is below the horizontal visual axis and should be at least one arm's length away. If the screen is too close or at the wrong height, stiffness forms in the shoulder and neck areas.
  2. The keyboard and mouse should be aligned with the elbows. This way, the torso is not loaded on one side, which avoids tension in the shoulder, back, and neck muscles. 
  3. Use armrests. These prevent the hands from twisting and protect joints, tendons, and nerves from the hand to the elbow. 
  4. The pelvis should be slightly tilted, ergonomic chairs and cushions contribute to this. 
  5. The feet should be supported and if possible parallel to the floor. The body automatically acquires a healthier posture and the load is distributed evenly over the body.

Follow our tips to avoid physical discomfort and optimize your work environment. Curious about which desk is right for you? Discover all the options that Gebesa has for you.