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How a height-adjustable desk optimizes the office space

Height-adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular due to their multiple benefits. If you want to know how they can take your office to the next level, read this article. 

A height-adjustable desk is not only a modern, attractive, and functional piece of furniture, but it can also conserve space, allowing better use of available office area. Below, we have assembled some suggestions on how to achieve it.


No need to change workspaces

Today’s most efficient offices have different furniture types that can adapt to the staff’s diverse needs and tastes. Nobody likes to sit at a desk all day. It is always healthy to rotate to different workspaces that provide higher benches or even a place where someone can stand while working.

However, instead of having multiple workspaces with different furniture types and various sizes, a height-adjustable desk is a more practical option. In the same area, we can perform with different postures, which will also contribute to the staff’s overall health.


Shared spaces

Similarly, sit and stand desks can serve not only as furniture for the use of one person but also can be placed in shared areas, allowing for instant customization of the work area, according to the individual using it.

If someone needs to draw a large diagram or review documentation so that it is more practical to do so standing up, a height-adjustable desk can accommodate. Minutes later, someone can use this same area simply to rest their arms a bit, read, or even eat a snack while seated.

That way, it is unnecessary to assign areas for every function in the office permanently. Instead, in shared spaces with adjustable furniture, multiple tasks and processes can be carried out.


Encourages clean workspace policies

Another crucial factor why height-adjustable desks have become a trend in offices worldwide is their ability to create a cleaner, secure, and more efficient workplace.

Having a fixed assigned unit is common human nature to allow objects, both work-related and personal, to accumulate. We are not talking about items that are vital to job performance. However, things such as a family portrait, a set of endless notes or documents, a cup collection, and other objects are often unnecessary. Further, confidential files, passwords are often left out in the open by staff if they feel that they have a personal space.

Height-adjustable desks, due to their movement, encourage staff to keep their workstation clean.  No one wants to risk cleaning a mess due to moving objects over when adjusting a desk. Therefore employees are less likely to have personal items out in the open and use convenient but secure storage to keep files and information safe.


Collaborative desks

When it comes to quality adjustable height desks like those from Gebesa, you have the advantage of being able to select multi-user stations, which can also open up several possibilities to make work more efficient and open up workspaces.

Nowadays, it is possible to have a series of interconnected adjustable desks, which allow workers of different physical characteristics or postures to maintain proximity and communication in a smaller area, distributed in the office’s available sections.

The benefit is that at any time, these can also be combined to integrate into a larger work area, so we could eliminate the multi-user tables area in another sector of the office and instead work collaboratively in this same section that has adjustable height desks.

Of course, while we still have the sanitary measures to encourage social distancing.  We can also implement the adaptations offered by Gebesa furniture to place panels that allow a healthy separation between people without losing all the potential to stay communicated and coordinated within the office.

A height-adjustable desk is not only one of the most recommended ways to improve office workers’ health and posture; it has also become one of the most innovative ways to optimize workspaces more efficiently, allowing at the same time improvements in performance and productivity.