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How to start a coworking space with the right equipment

Collaboration is the key to successful teams, and furniture plays a very important role in achieving this. Learn to create the perfect coworking space with this article.

Cooperative work has become a trend in many parts of the world for its ability to offer collaborative and developmental environments open to all kinds of professionals; and although it has had some apparent complications in these recent times, here we bring you a brief guide on how to start a coworking space safely and efficiently, and with the ability to offer alternative practices for professional development.


Envisioning an ideal design

First of all, it will be useful to draw a map to allocate the spaces you would like to use for teamwork, what areas you have available, combining, and including different tastes and objectives.

It is necessary to consider that some prefer spaces where they can be better communicated or where ideas and proposals flow smoothly and are analyzed altogether. Still, some prefer areas where they can develop them individually.

To define an appropriate plan, you must answer the following key questions:

  • How relevant and essential will each kind of activity be? 
  • How many people can you hold adequately in that area? 
  • What are their traits and characteristics?

Of course, you may not be sure about some answers, but at least you should define ranges and an overall plan, which can be adjusted according to demand.


Flexible alternatives

Because it is difficult to define the quantities precisely. A good strategy can start with a set of modular furniture, which stands out from the start because of its flexibility and ease of installation.

When it comes to quality modular furniture like Gebesa’s, they can be stored without taking up too much space and installed with great ease. There is no need to make further adaptations to the facilities. One of the critical aspects of this type of furniture is adapting the workplace to dynamic conditions, not vice versa.

No matter the amount of existing space, this type of furniture can be efficiently distributed, giving life to multiple collaborative work areas that will look attractive and inspiring and offer functional solutions for optimal performance. 


How to start a safe coworking space

Gebesa´s office furniture’s significant advantage is that it has multiple accessories ideal for the strictest sanitary measures in this post-COVID-19 era. Suppose you want to generate a dedicated space. In that case, you must apply these elements, complementing them with crucial matters such as sanitation, which will also be more manageable with high-quality furniture.

Furthermore, each module can have multiple transparent or translucent plastic panels, which obstruct direct contact between the people present and keep proximity and interaction capacity, which can be very useful for various objectives.

These panels can also be adapted to tables facing each other or to tables in conference rooms, either by integrating them in the furniture or using individual mobile panels. They are moved or removed, depending on each situation.

Additionally, the risk of transmitting a bacterial infection can be reduced using antimicrobial covers on the furniture on which the employees have more contact. As such, disinfection will be more effective, and the spread of viruses through contaminated surfaces will be more hindered.


Operative chairs

Operative chairs and semi-executive chairs are an excellent choice to mold an optimal collaborative space; they can be turned and moved with great freedom within the individual spaces, which is also very practical for maintaining communication and fundamental teamwork activities.

Of course, not only are these chairs able to move around, in the case of quality alternatives such as Gebesa's executive chairs, they are also ergonomic and fully adjustable, being ideal for everybody, in addition to feeling very comfortable, even during extended periods, allowing to maintain an ideal posture, and that way, contributing to the preservation of the health of employees in the long run.

This ease of adaptation, which can also be obtained with height-adjustable units, will allow anyone to feel comfortable in the teamwork environment you have developed.

Cooperative work will continue to influence the world. Through the right furniture, it is possible to offer attractive, practical, and safe environments that will continue to be useful for professionals of all kinds.

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