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Types of file cabinets and how to use them

An office file cabinet is a structure that stores files, papers, or documents that are important to a company. It is one of the most useful tools in the workspace as it allows people to organize themselves and keep information accessible.

Office file cabinets come in different types and sizes, that work for different needs and spaces in the office. 



Horizontal file cabinets

The urban file cabinet is ideal for organizing files. With up to 4 sliding drawers, perfect for hiding office items that need to be stored. 

The 1 and 2-drawer file cabinets have a padded cover that can be adapted as an improvised waiting room. The 3 and 4-drawer file cabinets have a laminated cover. 

The size of the file cabinet makes it perfect for storing a large amount of belongings and has a core lock which, if the main key gets lost, can be opened with a master key without the need to violate the system.



Keep documents safe and organized with our Global collection of horizontal file cabinets,  distinguished by their aesthetic design and the resistance of their materials. With an anti-tilt system that avoids opening two or more drawers simultaneously.


Vertical File Cabinets

The CONCORD cabinets are an operative and functional design that adapts to different work environments. Ideal for those who are looking for practicality, but who demand high performance in their daily work.




CYBER Cabinets, are ideal for any type of office, with up to 4 drawers to store important files. Their practicality and space-saving design make them ideal for any type of office. 

The REQ Cabinet in wood is suitable for any type of office. It has 3 drawers to keep your belongings organized and within easy reach. It provides security, organization, and style to the office.


The powder paint in all of our file cabinets makes them highly resistant to the course of time, scratches, bumps, or mishaps.

At Gebesa we provide solutions to your company's storage needs with a wide range of options for maximum space utilization. Get to know them!