Mobile offices have become increasingly popular due to their multiple benefits: they are highly efficient, offer flexibility, and are fully functional to serve any need. 



Mobile office furniture

Mobile office furniture allows you to change the style and look of the room from time to time by simply changing the location. For example, the rectangular table is easy to roll and can help to create more space to integrate new users, encouraging collaborative work.  

The mobile whiteboard  will help you create a sense of community in the office. It also acts as a creative and productivity-boosting tool. 


Mobile office furniture is assembled from pre-made parts, so they can be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy relocation, like the IKA  nesting chairs  that turn each space into a flexible zone for different purposes and number of users in a matter of minutes. 

Mobile office furniture is used for equipping and creating different workspaces, thereby providing a solution to multiple needs.


The nesting table allows a flexible and adjustable workstation that adapts to each space and each user. This flexibility is one of the main features that differentiate it from traditional office furniture, where once finished, any changes or customization may require a large investment. 

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