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Why You Should Consider a Home Office Sit Stand Desk

Most workers spend more than eight hours a day working in a sitting position and students don't have a fixed amount of time dedicated to studying.

It is common amongst students and remote workers to complain about lower and upper backache.

If the height of their desks is too high or too low, they could also experience a strain on their necks.

Using A Home Office Sit Stand Desk as a Prevention Item

Body massage, hot water bottles, and ointments are all cures for this pain. But prevention is better than cure.

To prevent workplace fatigue and body pain after sitting on your desk and chair for a long, it is essential to choose the right furniture for your home and office.

Home office sit-stand desks are manufactured keeping ergonomics in mind.


Some people prefer to stand and work as it keeps their energy levels high and leads to an increase in their productivity.

However, standing for 8 hours or more straight can also lead to muscular problems.

A midway then is a sit-stand desk. Standing desks can increase the productivity of an individual.

Benefits of having a height-adjustable desk at home

Sit-stand desks offer adjustable height to the users. When you buy a standing desk, you get to choose whether you want to sit and work or stand and work.

Activity and mood customization

The height of these desks is very easily adjusted and can be changed according to your mood. So if you start feeling lazy while sitting, you can stand and work instead. Isn't that just wonderful?

In offices, desks are not custom-made for the general staff. The material, the height, and the color are not adjusted as per individual requirements, but at home, you can choose whatever suits you best!.

Some employees might be more comfortable sitting, while others might prefer a standing desk.


A firm can't manage its costs and provide personalized desks to every employee. A smarter and cost-effective substitute is sit-stand desks as they provide a personalized experience.

Improved Health

Sitting straight for too long is not good for your body.

Moreover, if you are unable to sit up straight for a long time and sit crookedly then it can change your posture. 

It is essential to stand and walk around if you wish to stay active throughout the day. As they say, 'sitting is like smoking for employees.'

Standing desks were manufactured for people who have computer jobs and are experiencing pain and fatigue or need a change from the conventional sitting desks.


Hence, height-adjustable desks are better for your body, increase productivity, offer convenience and choice, and can be personalized by people.

Types of Standing Desks

There are two types of sit-stand desks available in the market: Electric and Non-Electric.

The electric desks raise or lower with the help of motors that run on electricity. Some electric sit-stand desks also include memory presets, so that you can save your favorite height.


Non-electric desks have to operate manually with the help of cranks and pneumatics.


If you decide to buy an electrically height-adjustable desk then you do not need to manually change the height of the desk. All you need to do is press a button and voila, the desk is adjusted!

The fact that two types of sit-stand desks are available increases choice and convenience for the user.

We can help you find the right fit for you

Gebesa is an office furniture and interior company and store that provides excellent modern furnishing solutions.

Our Ascend collection offers sit-stand desks, which are an upgrade from sitting desks and standing desks.

Through extensive investigation and extreme attention to every detail, this line seeks to overcome the limitations of conventional furniture. 


The sit-stand desk is a customized product that is manufactured keeping the best interests and welfare of the users in mind. 

Gebesa provides consultancy to corporates and individuals regarding their office setup and furniture to ensure the comfort of their employees.

To learn more about our services and the products we offer, you can reach out to us at Gebesa.