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Standing Desk Pros And Cons

It is undeniable that every product comes with its pros and cons. Despite their excellent utility benefits, standing desks are also suitable for some people and not others. Moreover, there are certain disadvantages to sit-stand desks. 

Pros Of Standing Desks

1.  It has been noticed that sit stand desks lead to improved health

  • Injury and pain prevention

Sitting straight for too long can lead to severe back, neck, shoulders, and wrists. Many office-goers that work from 9 to 5 or more in an office experience body pain when they finally decide to take rest.

Many working people experience so much pain that they join physiotherapy and get massages. Such pressure on your back can lead to a chronic back problem. By simply buying a standing desk.

  • Lower risk of heart disease

In 1953, studies were conducted and it was proposed that standing is better for the overall health of your heart.

The negative effects of sitting all day cannot even be compensated by the rigorous activity of an hour.

The advantage of a sit stand desk is that you can switch between sitting and standing during the day. This will lower the risk of a job that would have otherwise led to heart disease.

  • Lower blood sugar levels

Sitting right after lunch can spike your blood sugar levels. A study was conducted over 23 office workers. Workers that sit and then stood and then sat after half an hour intervals saw reduced blood sugar levels by 11.1%.

  • Longer life

Studies suggest that people who sit for longer, die earlier. While usually, people attribute this to a lack of exercise and regular walking habits, sitting all day at work is also a reason for the decrease in life expectancy.


2.  Improved mood and energy levels

Sitting all day long, eating, and then sitting again can lead to laziness. No matter how great the music or conversation is if you're sitting then excitement can turn into relaxation.

When your body is completely at rest and your posture is crooked, energy levels and mood can go down. This will impact your productivity and the environment at work.

3. Standing desks can be adjusted according to preferences

Every person has their preferences when it comes to whether they want to stand and work or sit and work. sit stand desks offer more choices to people.

They are convenient and can be adjusted to the comfort of the user. Furniture is bought in an office or by an individual, to be used by the person. It is vital to understand how the furniture will benefit the people when buying it.

Sit stand desks are manufactured in an adjustable way so that they can fit different people,  their space, their lifestyle, and activity requirements.


4.  Sit stand desks are very cost-effective

Sit stand desks are a smart solution when it comes to furniture. No one invests in furniture every day and you cannot keep buying new furniture if on some days you experience back pain.

There are going to be days when you're too tired to stand, sit stand desks are a one-time solution for your changing moods and choice. Certainly, they cost just a little over normal desks, but you get a reliable solution.

5. Sit stand desks can increase productivity

When people use sit stand desks they are less likely to get lazy. With improved health and mood, comes increased motivation to work. Moreover, a change is always good for any environment.

6.  Buying a standing desk is not irreversible

The best part of a sit stand desk is that buying one is not something you will regret. Desks solely designed for sitting or standing, do not leave much space for choice.

If you are unable to adjust to standing, then you can simply use the sit stand desk for sitting, and vice-versa.


Cons Of Sit Stand Desks 

1.  It takes time to get used to sit stand desks

If you're used to sitting and working then you will need time to adjust to using the mouse and fixing your eyes to the monitor. Moreover, your body will need time to adjust to the transition from sitting to standing.

2.  Standing desks do not help you lose weight

There is no proof that sit stand desks can prevent obesity or lead to weight loss. Whether you lose weight or not depends upon whether you use the opportunity of having a standing desk to walk around or not. If you're merely standing, then the calorie loss will not be significant.

However, if you use sit stand desks then you can prevent gaining calories and getting more obese.


3.  Standing for too long may increase body posture problems

If you already have body posture problems then standing for too long can increase the posture problem. If you stand crookedly then the impact will only increase when your back does not get enough rest.

4.  Your office may look a bit disorganized

If not managed properly then your office space can look a bit disorganized if half the people are standing and the other half are sitting. This can especially be a problem if your employees have cubicles right next to each other in a single hall.

5.  Sit and stand desks can cause distractions

If someone is standing they are likely to get distracted by the people around them. It requires focus to be able to avoid the outside world you are standing right in the middle of the motion.

While sit stand desks can increase productivity, employees should take note of whether they are easily distracted.

The problems associated with sit stand desks vary from person to person. If they are used properly and with the right amount of sitting and standing, then it can improve productivity and lead to decreased health problems.

Most cons of standing desks can be turned into pros if the sitting and standing time is managed efficiently.


Research On Standing Desks

A study on sit stand desks conducted by Chambers, Assistant Professor of bioengineering in Pitts Swanson School Of Engineering, Dr. Nancy A. Baker, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy at Tufts University, and Dr. Michelle M. Robertson, executive director of the Office Ergonomics Research Committee (OERC), stated that using standing desks at the office actually led to increased productivity amongst employees. These desks led to a decrease in blood pressure and lower back pain.

To use a standing desk effectively one must pay considerable attention to desk height, monitor height, and the amount of time spent standing. The use of an anti-fatigue mat could also be beneficial.

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