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Office Design For Effective Office Management

The way an organization functions and the design features that it inculcates, define the work environment and the vibes in the room. Every job candidate prefers an office where the environment is friendly, relaxing, and fun. Moreover, they aspire to jobs where they 'want' to leave the house to get to work. While it may sound ridiculous, some offices offer an environment that is free and liberating.

When working in a company, the office design for management and the design features of the interior, both make a significant impact on the effectiveness of the office management. The office design sets the hierarchical chain of command in the office and ensures accountability on the part of the employees.


Office design impacts the productivity and the environment of an organization, as it controls the interactions between people whether working at the same level of experience and skill or slanting and vertical levels in the office.

If the right office design is chosen, it provides more effective office management in the organization. Office management is responsible for the design,  implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of the operations in an organization. In a suitable office design for industry and company, the work is well managed and efficient.

  1. Accountability: Accountability refers to being answerable to someone for your actions. For example, an employee is responsible for completing their work on time. If they fail to do so, they can be held accountable by the management of the organization or his/her senior manager. People working in an open space design often blur the boundaries of professionalism into the informal talk. Accountability is effectively managed in traditional office design, where the seniors have a separate cabin and have to be approached.
  2. Discipline: While we might try to deny it, we are our most disciplined selves when we are in the company of people who can hold us accountable for our actions. For example, kids tend to be quieter in front of their teachers, whereas, when the teacher turns around its a mess again. Similarly, many employees give in to the urge of talking when their teachers are not around. The cubicle office design offers a lot of freedom to the employees, whereas an open or team office design, can make your employees more disciplined.
  3. Division: The way the office is design leads to the division of office place for the employees. In a team-cluster design, the team feels responsible to complete a specific task and the members work together to accomplish it. Similarly, in a traditional design, the work is divided and individuals are responsible for timely implementation and completion. This makes the management simpler, as only one person has to be approached for the task.


How can the interior office design of your office lead to effective office management?

  • Places where the office design is hi-tech, the employees are able to use technology to get tasks complete quicker and more efficiently. Moreover, it becomes possible for management to monitor the employees, no matter which office design they use.
  • Offices where the office design is modern or classic, tend to have clear cut boundaries in the office. The minds of the employees are more in-tune with the work in the organization and they are likely to be more productive. Both modern and classic designs infuse a sense of edge to the workspace.
  • Workspaces with green office design and those that receive natural light tend to liven up the office environment. They lead to the satisfaction of employees and increased productivity. These office environments also ensure the safety of the employees and lead to fewer illnesses, eventually decreasing absenteeism in the office.
  • At workplaces where the employees have a break out space or a chilling area, ensure that the work is done on the desk and the fun in the break out room. This leaves less room for slacking off and mismanagement.


At Gebesa, our team of professionals are aware of the design benefits of various office designs and can help you in effective office management. We have knowledge of the right products available in the market for different office designs. Contact us!

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