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Ways to Ditch the Old and Boring Workspace

Office cubicles have proven to be relevant through time. However, this doesn’t mean it has to be a boring and flat space.

Robert got convinced that the open office plan killed creativity which led to little business ideas and failure. This pushed him to come up with a better office plan. So, he invented a modular system that is today’s cubicles.

The cubicle working space offered more privacy and minimized noise in the office. It involved a glass or wood separator from one desk to the other. This plan occupied more space than the open office plan but gave the office a more organized and brighter look.

A decade later, more people were working in offices as businesses grew. Offices needed to accommodate as many employees as possible while minding their privacy and serenity. 

More offices embraced the cubicle style. Since the ’90s, we have finally gone back to the cubicle style despite so many office plans thanks to the recent sanitary restrictions. Office cubicles provide ample social distance between employees and the needed personal space. That means offices have become less crowded, which is one of the virus’s requirements.

Besides, businesses have ditched the old and boring space and have reinvented the office cubicles. Let’s discuss why this is so.


Modern times require modern office cubicles

With technological advancement and new architectural ideas, various modern office cubicles have evolved. You can now come across transparent office cubicle walls with different configurations integrated with adjustable cubicle office furniture. 

This means you get more lighting and more collaboration with your co-workers. Your office cubicle doesn’t have to be boring. There are hundreds of decors that you can incorporate in modern cubicle spaces to enhance beauty and comfort.


Office cubicle decor

There are several decor ideas you can incorporate into your cubicle office plan. The office cubicle decor adds positivity to the office and creativity flows for better production. You can:

  • Add a lamp for more lighting
  • Create a shelf for some light decors such as crotched balls, paper, and wicker. For example, you can create a curve appeal to an annular space
  • Choose colorful objects for some glimmer
  • Bring a vase of our favorite flowers to spike your mood
  • Add a beautiful throw pillow to your office seat for back support
  • Add your favorite color scheme. Choose colors that brighten your mood and make you feel comfortable

Accessories to upgrade the cubicle

How about accessorizing your cubicle office space to make it more inviting? Office cubicle accessories make your stay in the office short and fun. You can accessorize by:

  • Adding beautiful ceramic cups
  • Adding a Prisma family picture frame
  • Incorporating storage hooks at the corner or one side of the cubicle for hanging your coat or scarf
  • Add a desk fan for those hot days


Building Your own With Dividers

With diseases spreading rapidly, it is essential to take precautions in the office. If your boss hasn’t yet portioned your office into cubicles, you can do it yourself. Office dividers have become the new norm ever since the pandemic struck the world. 

So, in your assigned space add some office cubicle dividers without altering the entire layout. There are a couple of dividers available in the market today that don’t need you to build concrete separators. You can either use:

  • Decorative shoji dividers that offer you beautiful office dividers with ample lighting
  • Zip up panels that are sound and lightproof
  • Style dividers


Office Cubicle Examples to Inspire

Office cubicles can boost employees’ morale and make their working hours short and enjoyable. Below are some inspiring office cubicle designs.

Explore the modern cubicle design trends.

9*12 private enclosed cubicle

Divide your Office workstations cubicle into small cubicles that boast privacy. This modular is flexible and can fit in any workspace. The divider comes either as a glass tile on the whole top layer, or modern aluminum trim with over 20 fabric panel color options.


12-person modular cubicle desk system

The 12-person modular cubicle desk system is a famous cubicle that comes in a circular or rectangular design. It separates 12 workers at a go with ample social distance. It boasts of either glass or wood desk dividers.


Matrix panel system

The matrix panel system is a tech-savvy cubicle that is attractive and available at affordable prices. It has ample planning space with various tile options such as veneer glass, painted steel, Laminate, whiteboard, tuckable acoustic fabric, and embossed metal.


8- Station Cubicle System

This is an elegant affordable cubicle with quality materials and features. The 8-station cubicle system is available in 65”, 39” and 52” with a thickness measurement of 2.5”. The cubicle has hidden data and electric integration. It gives you an option of adding tampered top glass panels that separate eight workers at a go. The cubicle comes in various house color fabrics for office design and acoustics.


COVID-19 distancing cubicles

COVID-19 distancing cubicles are the newest cubicles and the new norm. They are usually one meter or more of social distance and accommodate only one person per cubicle.



Office cubicles have today found their way into offices. Businesses are now ditching the old and boring space by incorporating stylish and straightforward cubicles.

This is much needed with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Cubicles have brought the much-needed social distancing and protect employee’s health. It also offers privacy and a serene working environment.