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Workspace Innovation: Introducing Ascend with Panels

In the modern world, where comfort, efficiency, and style intertwine, Gebesa unveils its latest release: the Ascend height-adjustable desk with panels. This adjustable desk not only redefines functionality in workspaces but also elevates aesthetics to new heights.

Ascend-escritorio-ajustable-adjustable-desk (1)

Functional and Aesthetic Design

The Ascend Desk with Panels has been meticulously designed to meet the demands of contemporary work environments. Its standout feature is the ability to adjust height, allowing for optimal ergonomics for users. But that's not all; this innovative desk also comes equipped with panels, providing privacy and style to the workspace.

The Ascend Desk with Panels offers an array of impressive features:

- Weight Capacity: 99 kg for the 2-segment version and up to 113 kg for the 3-segment version.

- Speed: 30 mm per second.

- Noise Level: A maximum of 50 decibels, ensuring a quiet working environment.

- Smart Control: With the Gebesa App, available for iOS and Android, users can control the desk via Bluetooth, offering convenience and ease of use.

- Guaranteed Safety: The Ascend Desk with Panels is equipped with an anti-collision system that detects obstacles and automatically stops movement to prevent accidents.

Ascend-desk-with-panels-escritorio-con-paneles (1)

The launch of Gebesa's Ascend Height-Adjustable Desk with Panels marks a milestone in workspace design innovation. With its combination of functionality, privacy, and style, this desk elevates the work experience to new heights.