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Redesign, Reconfigure, Reinvent: Introducing Gebesa's Space Dividers

We are always looking for ways to enhance your workspace. Part of that commitment is reflected in the development of furniture that allows you to personalize, adapt, and easily configure your workspace. That's why today, we are thrilled to introduce Gebesa's new Space Dividers ZONE, a mobile office room divider or divider for office areas.

These space dividers are the perfect solution to make space configuration more versatile without the need for constructing walls. With their modern design, customization, and mobility, this type of mobile room partition allows you to reconfigure your space in minutes, adapting it to your changing needs. Additionally, you can customize its finish with different types of Adisson fabric to ensure that your space reflects your company's style, personality, and identity.

Key Benefits of Space Dividers:

- Space Separation: They are ideal for dividing spaces in offices without building, delineating spaces in rooms, or any other environment, providing privacy to work areas.

- Customization: With size and color options, you can customize the Space Dividers to fit perfectly into your environment.


- Mobility: The mobility of these space dividers allows for easy reconfiguration in minutes, as they are self-supporting partitions, providing flexibility in the arrangement of your space.


- Versatility: The new movable room divider can be used as a workstation separator, a room divider, or separator walls in larger spaces.

- Additional Functionality: Space Dividers can also be used for pinning notes, sticking post-its, and customizing your workspace according to your needs.


Whether you want to set up cubicles in an office, divide a room, or any other area, Gebesa's Space Dividers ZONE will provide you with the flexibility and functionality you need to adapt your environment to your requirements. Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your space with our versatile space dividers.

We are excited to offer products that improve your daily life and space.
The Gebesa Team.