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Intelligent Spaces: Office Division Gebesa

When optimizing efficiency in the workspace, one of the key considerations is how to divide and separate areas in an office. Parting spaces or configuring offices has become essential in dynamic and ever-evolving work environments. The good news is that various innovative solutions allow for achieving this without the need to build expensive permanent walls, and we will explore them in this entry.

Why Is it Necessary to Separate Spaces or Offices?


Separating spaces in an office or configuring specific areas is crucial for several reasons:

  • Privacy and Concentration: Separated spaces enable employees to focus on their work, reducing distractions and noise.
  • Separated spaces are essential for private meetings, team discussions, and effective collaboration.
  • Flexibility and Customization: The ability to reconfigure and adapt space is essential in a rapidly changing work environment.

Space separation can also enhance the aesthetics and culture of the company, reflecting its style and values.

Innovative Solutions for Dividing Spaces in Offices

Gebesa's Space Dividers


Gebesa's Space Dividers are a versatile and modern solution for dividing spaces in offices. These mobile partition screens allow you to reconfigure your space in minutes, adapting it to your changing needs. Customization is key, as you can choose from different Adisson fabric types to reflect your company's personality. Key benefits of Space Dividers include:

- Space separation without construction.

- Customization with size and finish options.

- Mobility for easy reconfiguration.

- Versatility for use in offices, meeting rooms, and more.

- Additional functionality for notes and post-its.

Synergy Modular Systems' Gallery Panels


Synergy Modular Systems' Gallery Panels offer an elegant and practical way to incorporate separation and privacy in modular system configurations. These panels can be attached to create divisions, redefining the boundaries of what a workspace can be. Key benefits of Gallery Panels include:

- Elegant incorporation of separation and privacy.

- Wide variety of customizable finishes.

- Flexibility for reconfiguration.

- Improvement in workspace efficiency.


Screens are a practical and efficient solution for independently subdividing workstations laterally. With Gebesa's covered screen line, you can manage each office area quickly and effectively. Key benefits of screens include:

- Independent subdivision of workstations.

- Efficient management of work areas.

- Customization to fit your office design.

Mobile Hub Venti


The Mobile Hub Venti is a central element in idea exchange and project closure. It provides the conditions and elements necessary for successfully carrying out tasks, such as meetings with suppliers, clients, or collaborators. Its versatility and practicality make it a valuable resource in work environments. Key benefits of the Mobile Hub Venti include:

- Facilitates project development and meetings.

- Versatility for idea exchange and collaboration.

- Options with screen support for presentations.

In summary, dividing spaces into offices is essential for privacy, collaboration, and adaptability. Innovative solutions offered by Gebesa, such as Space Dividers, Gallery Panels, screens, and Mobile Hub Venti, provide a variety of options to meet these needs effectively and stylishly.

Choose the solution that best fits your work environment and maximize the efficiency and functionality of your space. With Gebesa, you are one step closer to creating an ideal work environment.