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5 examples of small offices, so you can create your own

Office space is becoming increasingly scarce, both at home and at work, so you have to learn how to make the most of the available space.

The design of small offices involves the strategic organization of each piece, furniture, accessory, and necessary equipment within the space to make the most of every corner of the place and make it look more spacious and not overloaded after furnishing it.

In the article How to furnish a small office? you will find tips that will help to design your office.

Here are five examples of small offices in which you can make the most of the space: 

  • Independent home office

If you can set up a home office in a separate room, ask yourself if you are going to use the space for meetings and/or hosting clients, co-workers, just for yourself, etcetera. This way you can decide if the most suitable environment is something highly intimate and personalized or something more neutral.


A workplace, like that small office, can distract you from family time, so it's best to create an atmosphere where you can distinguish between work and personal life.

  • Office in the living room

What happens when you don't have a separate room to use as a home office? You can set up an office in your living room. Sometimes, a few small changes take place to discover new functions of the space.


Nowadays we find a lot of furniture designed to take advantage of corners and passage areas and thus make the most of them, being especially useful in the design of small offices, such as the ascend desk  which allows you to create modern and functional office environments, being easily adaptable to almost any place. 

Sometimes, houses do not offer enough space to create an office in your living room. In this case, you can use a seemingly useless space: under the stairs.


Space-saving is the most important advantage in this case. What you need to do is to organize the space under the stairs. Its design depends primarily on your preferences and the dimensions of the available space.

  • Small collaborative offices

When it comes to small offices, the limited space makes maximizing space even more important. Shared workstations and desks can help to achieve a compact but productive work environment.

Shared tables and chairs, separating environments in a subtle way and without physical barriers are key aspects of this type of office space distribution.


Remember that the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable doing their work. A relaxed, fun, and differentiated environment can enhance the talents of each individual.

  • Small individual offices

Incorrect office layout can waste time, and space and affect productivity.  An uncluttered, clean, and minimalist place is associated with a sense of space.



Space may seem a limiting factor when designing your office but with the help of our experts, you will be able to turn that space into the ideal small office.

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