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What is a lateral file cabinet?


A file cabinet is a piece of office furniture that contains drawers to store papers, documents, and files. Your office will look better organized with the use of a good storage system. The filing cabinet will make documents easily accessible and thus save time and energy. 

It allows for better space management, plus it helps to keep all documents in one place and makes them easier to find. At Gebesa, we are leaders in the manufacturing of file cabinets thanks to our distinctive features: 

  • They are made with the highest technology, quality, and durability. 

  • The powder coating of all our file cabinets makes them very resistant to the passage of time, scratches, bumps, or accidents.

  • Load capacity of 45 kg per drawer.

  • They have an anti-tilt system that avoids opening two or more drawers simultaneously. 

  • Interchangeable core lock, meaning locks can be changed in seconds without replacing them. 

  • Their functional design allows them to adapt to your organization's storage and security needs. 


File cabinets come in different sizes and models, therefore you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The 2-drawer metal lateral file with a cushion top is perfect to be placed next to your desk as it can extend your workspace significantly. 

A cushion on top functions as a seat, and matching the color of the seat to the walls is an option. In addition, it has a lock to keep files secure. This file cabinet has caps that minimize the damage caused to the office floor. 


The global 3-drawer lateral file cabinet keeps documents safe and organized. Full extension slides allow drawers to slide out easily for full access to all documents stored in the file cabinet. 

If you are looking for more storage space to organize your files, the URBAN lateral file options are ideal. The size of the different file cabinets makes them perfect for storing a large number of documents or other items, and the top has a laminated cover to place other office items.

Multiple units can be purchased and placed together in the same room. This gives you easy access to everything you need to run your organization.

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