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Office safety: Tips and it’s importance

An office seats the entire human resources of a company. The employees come to an office building to offer their services to the company and contribute to its growth. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the employees that enter the office premises are safe in the building.

While the structure of a building must be strong to bear the brunt of the elements, certain emergencies require additional precautions. Unpredictable issues like a fire in the building, electrical short circuit, smoke, etc. can fall upon anyone without notice. It is essential to take measures for such emergencies to avoid being caught off guard by them.

You need to make a list of all possible circumstances that could cause harm to your employees. Then you need to take measures to either prevent these circumstances or deal with them after they have occurred. There are certain rules that officers must follow for the safety of their employees and it is a good place to start.

You need to keep your workspace clean to avoid stupid accidents that can be caused by tripping over things. Moreover, a clean workplace will be free from germs and bacteria. Keeping clean can go a long way in avoiding sickness and accidents.

Even small lit up cigarettes left on the floor can lead to a big fire if luck isn't on your side. To save your employees from an unexpected fire hazard, you can get smoke detectors installed in the office. A fire may not only lead to damage to property but can also cause damage to life. Keeping fire extinguishers in the office is a good idea, in case of a breakout. Keeping a fire extinguisher may seem unnecessary, but it can save lives if need be. Also, make sure to keep a check on the battery in the fire alarms.

Ensure that all of your employees are aware of the fire exit. Also, make sure that the doors to the exit are kept open at all times. Moreover, you must make sure that the signs leading to the fire exit, fire extinguishers, dangerous areas with electrical connections and first aid are easily visible to everyone.

You can practice the fire drill with your employees so that they know how to handle a fire hazard instead of panicking because they are clueless. The fire drill includes things like lying on the floor and keeping windows and doors closed to avoid the spreading of fire. Buying fireproof furniture can also prevent the fire from spreading its wings across the exterior of the building. Once the exterior is on fire, it will be difficult to save anything.

You can protect your office from theft and trespassing by getting security cameras installed and all your windows and doors have a security lock. Having security locks can save your employees from unwanted visitors in the office. However, while security locks are common they are often insufficient to demotivate burglars. You might want to get security cameras installed to the premises to dissuade the burglars for fear of being caught in the camera. If the burglars do enter the office without noticing the camera, they will still be captured sooner or later by the cops.

Keep wires off the office floor and ensure that all the sockets and appliances are earthed. Another thing you can do to prevent shocks and short circuit is getting most electronic appliances installed by a professional.

Even if you’ve taken all the security measures possible to prevent mishaps, you may still come across accidents and emergencies. To secure the future of your employees and their families, you can offer health and life insurance to permanent employees. A company that offers health insurance is valued by its employees, as it genuinely looks after their welfare.

Ensure that there is a first aid box available in the office in case the first aid is needed by any of the employees. This is the most basic rule of office safety and must be religiously followed. The safety measures that you follow must be in accordance with the needs of your office. Making employee safety your priority is a common aspect of business management with integrity.