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Inspiring Trends in Contemporary Office Design

Contemporary office design translates into innovative spaces that foster creativity and enhance overall work well-being by reducing talent loss.

It has been shown that spending a lot of time in the same place decreases health and performance.

Those of us who work daily in the office know the posture problems, stress, and bad habits that this can cause. How can we make our workplace contemporary and more productive?

Maybe you are interested in knowing the necessary Contemporary Office Workspaces features to design yours.

5 examples of offices

The characteristics of the furniture and decoration, as a whole, these elements may or may not create an optimal environment for your collaborators.

These are five examples of modern and productive offices around the world that have changed the concept of what a workspace should look like: 

Google Offices

It has multiple recreational and rest areas where collaborators can stimulate their ingenuity and creativity. 

Through play areas, terraces and outdoor spaces, gym, restaurants and cafes, massage rooms and even employees can go to work with your pet!


Lego Offices

It is a company recognized for having one of the best-selling toys in the world.

Its offices have several recreational areas such as the Fun Zone, leisure and rest spaces, bonsai gardens at the desks, and a slide, which make the workspace a pleasant and fun place, anytime.


Airbnb Offices

Their offices are in San Francisco and feature colorful armchairs, murals, a giant entrance, and a reception desk made from a tree trunk.

In addition, contemporary furniture, open spaces, and kitchens with free food make the ambiance far removed from the traditional corporate setting.


Facebook Offices

Facebook sites in Tokyo, California, Buenos Aires, Mexico, and Sao Paulo share a unique style inspired by local culture.

The spaces are full of bright colors, dynamic furniture. In Mexico, for example, the décor is inspired by Lucha Libre wrestlers.


Apple Offices 

The offices of Apple, one of the world's most successful companies, are located in a building known as the "spaceship”.

The design looks more like a natural refuge because inside there is an artificial lake and several areas divided by trees and orchards.


Personalizing the office will make ideas flow more easily and help the business grow.

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