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What colors should you use in a modern office?

The colors of modern offices are just as important as lighting and furniture because they influence the mood and performance of employees.

In recent years, the design and decoration of modern offices have become more important, as it has been proven to interfere in the productivity of workers. Within these characteristics, the use of color in a strategic way has helped to create original, elegant and energetic modern offices.


Tips for Choosing Office Color

Today, color is used as a tool to encourage worker interaction, concentration, and creativity. It also helps to communicate corporate identity, but how do you choose the ideal color to paint the office?

Defining the needs of those who will occupy the workspace is the first requirement for choosing the color and shade to be used. Start by answering the following questions:

  • What space do you have?
  • What type of activity is going to be carried out in this space?
  • Does the work require high concentration?
  • Is it a space where creativity is to be fostered?
  • Is it going to work in a team or is it an individual station?

The color palettes used to decorate modern offices take into account the users of the space, the characteristics of the workplace and are based on ergonomic theories since the colors stimulate the senses and thus the mood of the workers.


Transform your workspace by changing the color of your office!

Changing the color inside modern offices has become common for two main reasons: first, that a renovation of this type is very affordable (in terms of costs); and second, because it helps to significantly improve the well-being within the working space.

The key to doing this effectively is to achieve a balance between furniture, lighting, decoration, and colors. However, since modern offices are characterized by different work areas, we cannot marry the idea of choosing a single color.

What we mean is that depending on the objective of the workspace you wish to renovate, you can use a different color palette and combine options in each space, ensuring that there is harmony with the other elements (furniture, decoration, etc.).

The most common colors used to paint modern offices are natural and sophisticated tones. You can use soft colors for the walls, although not all of them necessarily have to be the same color, contrasting with the ceiling, floor or other elements of the office.

According to this and depending on the workspace you are going to renovate, we recommend you to choose between these colors to paint your office:

Classic colors. Favorites for waiting rooms or individual offices:

  • Grey: Due to its versatility, it can be combined with different shades. You can mix it with materials such as metal or wood to create elegant and modern spaces.
  • White: It is a color that helps concentration and gives the feeling of order, cleanliness, and tranquility. It can be contrasted very well using furniture and decorations with strong colors such as red, black and blue.

Warm colors. Ideal for collaborative and rest areas:

  • Yellow: It is a color that encourages creativity and joy. Increases energy and prevents monotony, making it ideal for meeting rooms.
  • Orange: Stimulates interaction and is recommended in areas where communication can be more fluid and informal.
  • Red: Due to its intensity, it should be used in low doses as in office furniture and accessories. Since it increases the heart rate, it is recommended to use in places where users spend little time (corridors, bathrooms, kitchen).

Cold colors. They are ideal for work areas where there is a lot of stress (managerial offices, for example) and recreational areas:

  • Blue: It produces a relaxing effect that transmits tranquillity and security. It helps people to reflect and concentrate in places where the pressure and stress of work predominate.
  • Green: Since it evokes nature, it generates stability and awakens creativity. It is ideal for workspaces where ideas are constantly generated.

Transforming the office into a harmonious place that awakens the ingenuity of your employees, can bring many benefits in the welfare of work and business results. At Gebesa, we can help you choose the furniture that matches the colors of your workspaces. I want to do it!