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How furniture renovation can benefit productivity in the office

Although furniture renovation is often seen as an expense for most companies, it is an excellent opportunity to motivate employees and enhance productivity.

Furniture renovation is a change that requires a bit of capital.  However, several of these actions can help improve productivity in the office.  We have completed a list of six benefits that have been noted by companies that have decided to invest in their office furniture.


To persist in the market

Hygienic working environments and social distance have taken priority, which is why it sometimes becomes a legal necessity to comply with standards to continue operations.

Providing worker safety is also one of the current crucial concerns. As a Deloitte study revealed in 2020, employers can demonstrate that they care about and are concerned about preserving employees’ well-being was recognized as one of their top priorities.

It is the sense of well-being and security, which plays a crucial factor in incorporating performance.

Modular systems with useful add-ons, such as partition panels for those areas of closer contact, as well as sanitation facilities to allow for periodic disinfection, are elements, not only to avoid any generalized risk but also to strengthen confidence, and thus contribute to greater concentration and productivity in the office.


To make it easier

Height-adjustable workstations can adapt to each person and task. Collaborative workstations facilitate collaboration, modular furniture allows for greater adaptability to allow a variety of configurations in the same office space, appropriate technology can coordinate meeting rooms, are some of the many examples that can be applied.

It is useful to analyze the different tasks performed today and how they could be made easier by having the right tools and furniture.


For better organization

In many cases, a simple renovation can radically transform productivity in the office. For example, perhaps space is not being used most efficiently, and the implementation of the right furniture could open up new areas for proper storage. 


To be more flexible

One of the advantages of today's highly evolved materials technology and design is that it has been possible to generate very light furniture with mobile capabilities, providing greater dynamism to the office´s layout.

It is straightforward to incorporate or reduce modules or expand or adjust the dimensions, capacities and complements of a work unit through quality modular furniture.

Due to its assemblable qualities, this type of quality furniture can be easily set up, customized, and stored without occupying large dimensions.

The intention is always to have only what is needed. If there will only be 20 people in the office this month, or if next month we have to put together an urgent project as a team, these are factors that can drastically change the needs; in this sense, companies that can quickly adapt their furniture to fulfill its function better will have an advantage.


To explore more efficient ways to be productive in the office

Nowadays, more companies are applying psychology strategies to their operational functions; for example, after conducting the relevant internal studies, a company may find that it could be useful to change the lighting or the tone of the office’s interior.

Suppose you have furniture that obstructs the light too much or is already a nuisance to enter that place with the same look and color that does not help much. In that case, a furniture adjustment may represent an innovative way to explore the possibility of generating a different environment.

Some studies indicate that even issues such as concentration or motivation can change with our environment’s physical characteristics; in this sense, looking for a more efficient combination could also be a factor to enhance productivity in the office.


For renewed encouragement

Changing the furniture is a factor that generates alertness, transforms the mood, and produces a positive call of attention about the company.

A company with the ability to renew itself to more modern, productive, comfortable, or even aesthetically pleasing environments will always offer an image of greater willingness and vitality, which can contribute to strengthening the sense of corporate belonging and the motivation to continue being part of the project.

Changing the furniture in your office has varied benefits, and your investment will provide a beneficial ROI.  To learn more on how Gebesa can help your business, contact us, and we will help you.