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Office layout ideas to consider when upgrading your office

Upgrading your office layout requires a second review of your current layout, create a smart space with these ideas.

We have gathered a few amazing office layout plans that you have to consider while upgrading your office.

All these below-mentioned ideas cover different business types and different ranges of spaces, but all of them share a basic and common theme in order to ensure that the office design and plan is an inspirational, budget-friendly, and functional office space.


Office Layout Ideas


Idea #1: The Silent Retreat office 

Some businesses could operate successfully within an open, simple, and plan office layout, but others need to have proper private offices and office meeting spaces within their office premises. For example, accountants, legal firms, corporate and government departments, and business executives require some privacy and properly laid out space to make sure that the workflow and privacy requirements are being fulfilled.

If your office is of such a nature where privacy and an uninterrupted environment is required, then we recommend you to have to consider the following office layout idea:

  •  You should create private meeting spaces and offices within your upgraded office layout. Do invest in cubicles, privacy screens, and separate spaces for each individual for both of your team members and as well as for their clients.
  •  You must need to create private meeting spaces where all the team members can sit and have an open pan office meeting.


Idea #2: The Creative Zone Layout Office 

Many office layouts don´t match the type of work people are doing, especially when their job is to focus on stimulating and exposing their imagination every day. So the private meeting rooms typical office furniture and desks make the workplace uninspiring.

Here we come up with some layout ideas that you need to consider while upgrading your office design.

  • Use long desks where you will gather your creative team for a meeting. Having long desks will be more visually appealing and fascinating as compared to rigid office furniture.
  • Use Whiteboards in your meeting rooms as this is a good way to stimulate your team or employees' creativity. Moreover, you should add colors in your office layout as creativity demands texture and color within the office working area layout.
  • You should also have some walls in your office layout with motivational quotations or words. This is a great way to inspire and motivate your employees within the office premises.


Idea #3: The Energizer Office 

Our next office layout idea is that you should turn your office layout into a more inspiring and functional space by creating a "fitness zone" in it.

A theme that is usually being followed in modern offices is that health and fitness go side-by-side with output and your employees' high productivity level.

You need to follow these office layout ideas in order to create a fitness zone in your upgraded office layout:

  • Create zones around all office floors for your employees in order to stand up, stretch and move.
  • You can reuse your meeting room or an extra portion on your office floor and turn it into a health & fitness gym with yoga mats and an exercise bike.
  • You should make sure that your office kitchen has space for your employees to make healthy lunch and snacks.


Idea #4: The Lighthouse Office 

While designing your office premises plan, pay attention to lighting. It is a vital part of any office layout; lighting affects your office space's mood, energy, and ambiance.

The easiest and budget-friendly up-gradation in your current office layout is to convert it into a modern office environment by maximizing the use of natural light and, where needed, bring in additional light fixtures, sconces, and lamps.

Do you need more lighting in your office layout? We recommend you consider the following office layout ideas to bring in more light in your office:

  •  Let the natural light in. Takedown curtains and blinds that are keeping the natural light away. If blinds are required, select a light shade of cream or white color to keep the brightness coming in.
  • Do add some mirrors into your office layout. Mirrors are a cheap way of keeping natural light under workplace areas.