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Five tools to promote online workplace collaboration

Adapting to a remote environment and maintaining productivity is crucial these days. Use these online tools to promote online workspace collaboration.

Every day it becomes more useful to generate a collaborative office virtual environment that can be coordinated remotely. The promotion of telecommuting to comply with social distancing has led to a boom in the use of software to aid this. This article presents a selection of critical tools that promote collaboration, organization, and automation in any company.


Messaging software

Maintaining communication between the different members of a company is essential to support efficient collaborative work. Slack has become one of the most popular options by allowing instant messaging and file transfer and compatibility with the ability to integrate into all kinds of office platforms.

Another exciting alternative is Flockdock, which facilitates the creation of private chat groups and allows the integration of notifications from external channels, such as Twitter. It can also be integrated with customer support and office management software.



Holding meetings, conferences, and face-to-face dialogue between members of a company remains and will continue to be essential in all businesses; and although at times, and even more so during the coronavirus, face-to-face meetings can be complicated, through videoconferencing software contact can be very easy and practical to maintain.

GoToMeeting has become one of the most popular options since it can connect even hundreds of people in the same meeting. Excellent resolution, multiple tools, and straightforward integrations from links can handle any conference format. It is also usable on any type of device; all that is needed is an internet connection.

Similarly, SamePage has gained ground by offering collaborative work tools.  With it, you can communicate on video with the members of a team and edit all kinds of documents simultaneously.


Project management software

When it comes to coordinating tasks, functions, instructions, schedules, and other functions of all company members or projects, project management software is very useful. Trello has earned an excellent reputation as one of the most efficient solutions and particularly adapted to small businesses’ needs.

A somewhat more complete alternative and with capacity for expansion is Asana; it is also slightly more expensive, but it has many tools that easily allow coordination and confirmation when tasks are completed. It is also widely compatible with a wide variety of office software.

Proofhub is another alternative that has been growing widely in recent years; it offers a different and more straightforward payment method than the per-user fee scheme of the previous options mentioned, and it stands out for its capability to create custom and friendly online environments for all types of users. It can be configured to be displayed precisely, adapting to the needs of different kinds of companies.


Team coding

When it comes to creating software or doing any kind of programming work, few alternatives are as efficient as CodingTeam; a platform specially designed for collaborative work; with all the necessary tools to move forward as a team in integrating all kinds of projects.


Document administration

If it is only about working collaboratively on text documents and spreadsheets, one of the most efficient options is Google Docs; not only because of the accessibility and intuitive ease of working with various types of files; but also because of the excellent compatibility to connect with Google's extensive network of products and services.


How to choose the best software to promote collaboration in the workspace

It is difficult to determine which alternative is best; ideally, you should define your company's specific needs and what type of programs would best accomplish these tasks.

Most software also offers free trial periods or a free version with limited capability, which can help see their operation and verify if they meet your company’s needs.

The Covid-19 pandemic is far from over. It is useful to opt for alternatives that allow working in the cloud, which has become a more efficient option for these days of remote work.

According to your staff’s needs, privacy is equally important. The comfort and ease of use could also be called to participate in tests and team evaluations to determine the ideal alternatives.

With the right tools, it is possible to build great things through coordinated online work.